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Whether you want to pursue a career as an Accounting Technician, or would prefer to work in Bookkeeping, we can help you.

And studying with Training Link means you have the benefit of award-winning training materials and tutor support, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional college course.

AAT Accounting

AAT are the leading professional organisation for Accounting Technicians.

We have been offering these courses since 2017 and very quickly established a reputation for excellence and won ‘Best New Training Provider’ at the AAT Awards.

AAT Bookkeeping

Since 2017, AAT have been offering a membership category for bookkeepers.

As a bookkeeping member, you can use the AATQB letters after your name, join a community of peers to build a professional network, apply to run your own business as a licensed bookkeeper.

Introducing The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT)

The Association of Accounting Technicians was founded in 1980 with a core mission of empowering people and helping businesses to reach their potential by promoting practical business skills.

140,000 members in over 100 countries

AAT award over 80% of all vocational accounting qualifications. And as they are regulated by Ofqual, CCEA, SQA, and Qualification Wales you can be sure that you’ll be studying for a qualification with real employer recognition.

Respected accounting qualifications

These qualifications are recognised all over the world. Companies such as Proctor and Gamble, Morgan Stanley, Sainsbury’s and many more continue to hire qualified members.

What are the levels of membership?

There are 4 membership levels:

  • Associate Bookkeeping Membership (AATQB)
  • Affiliate
  • Full Member (MAAT)
  • Fellow Membership (FMAAT)

Associate Bookkeeping Membership (AATQB)

Demonstrate your bookkeeping skills and expertise to employers and gain professional recognition by using the designatory letters AATQB after your name.

At this level of membership you can apply to become self-employed and start offering bookkeeping services.

You can apply for this type of membership after completion of the Advanced Certificate In Bookkeeping or after completing the Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting.


You become an affiliate member when you have completed the Level 4 qualification – Professional Diploma In Accounting.

This level of membership is a way of staying connected while you think about which type of professional status best suits your career goals – Full Membership (MAAT), or Associate Bookkeeping Membership (AATQB).

Full Member (MAAT)

Use the designatory letters MAAT after your name and demonstrate your high level of education and experience. At this level of membership you can work for yourself and run your own accountancy practice.

You can apply for Full Membership after successful completion of the Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting.

Fellow (FMAAT)

The highest level of AAT membership. Fellowship shows your senior experience and advanced expertise. It also entitles you to use the letters FMAAT after your name which boosts your status in the accountancy profession.

To become a Fellow of the AAT you must have been a Full Member for at least the previous five years

The benefits of AAT professional membership

By becoming a professional member you are showing your professional commitment, increasing your earning potential, and making yourself more attractive to employers. You also get these added benefits…

  • Free events and discounted places at technical training courses across the UK.
  • A subscription to the AAT’s award-winning magazine – Accounting Technician (MAATs, FMAATs and AAT licensed members only)
  • AAT Rewards – get preferential rates on services provided by partners. Everything from cinema tickets to insurance.

Why study AAT courses online?

There are plenty of study options available. The traditional option is to study at a local college.

But not everyone wants a rigidly structured study experience, and it’s tough balancing work and family life around a restrictive college timetable even if you are lucky enough to live a short drive away from a college offering the right course.

By studying AAT courses online you are set free from the restrictions of an old-fashioned college environment and you can enrol all year round. When you’re studying with us you can learn when you want to, at your own pace. And with our outstanding pass rates you can feel reassured that you have access to top quality study material and tutor support.

Multi award-winning provider with outstanding pass rates

After winning Best New AAT Training Provider in 2018, we have never looked back. Our pass rates are a testament to the level of tutor support and course material that you’ll receive.

After 25 years of offering home study courses, we have the experience to provide an online learning experience that competitors can’t match. And that’s why we’ve won over 20 awards including:

And this year one of our students won the prestigious ‘PQ Of The Year’ at the PQ Awards.

What AAT students think about studying with Training Link

We sat down with a few of our students recently to chat about their experience in studying with Training Link.

Enrol with the accounting and bookkeeping expert training provider

We only offer a small number of subjects- Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll.

This helps us to retain our laser-like focus on creating easy-to-follow course materials, and providing the gold standard of tutor support.

Everything is designed to help you succeed.

Our carefully constructed learning experience offers you the best chance of gaining an AAT qualification.

AAT Complete Course Package – Level 2, 3 and 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting

Perfect if you are ready to work towards full AAT membership.

This collection includes:

  • AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate
  • AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting
  • AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting

The AAT Complete Course Package Package is £1845, saving £1470 on individual course costs. And you can spread the cost over 36 months at £54.81 per month.

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Our AAT success stories

We sat down with a few of our former students to find out why they studied an AAT qualification, what they thought of the study experience, and what they have gone on to do after gaining their qualifications.

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