Marika (Hillson) Iacobucci AICB – Accountancy & Book-keeping Business Support Ltd

Accountancy & Book-keeping Business Support Ltd

“I have to say my experience with Training Link has been a life-saving one. Previously I have held many senior roles and had a very full on life which included senior roles to well known global companies and Finance Directors for manufacturing companies. I also held various public roles and raised hundreds and thousands of pounds for many charities and non-profit organisations for my local community and was also a writer and journalist.

A couple of years ago I became seriously ill and during my retirement speech as a District Chairman, I nearly stopped breathing as growths in my windpipe had blocked my airway and made delivery of my final speech very difficult.

Eventually I had surgery and the growths which I feared were cancerous were diagnosed as Sarcoidosis. I felt like someone had ripped out my ever-ready battery and left a huge hole in its place which left me totally fatigued as I also had Lupus which I had controlled successfully over the last 20 years. It took nearly a year to manage my illness which saw my lung capacity reduced by 35%.

Determined as ever, I re-built my physical strength through gardening and chasing after my new puppy and re-built my mental strength through studying with Training Link. I had to change my career plan to one where I could control my hours and self-employment was the key.

Accountancy & Book-keeping Business Support Ltd

I needed a practice license to set up a new business and Training Link offered a great package and easy access to friendly informal tutors at the end of an email or the phone.

I quickly passed a series of exams achieving distinctions in the process. I passed my BA7 exam at the Pearson VUE centre in June this year with flying colours and went on to set up my business, Accountancy & Book-keeping Business Support Ltd, or ABBS Ltd.

Since then I have picked up several clients of various sizes and continue to grow as a business. I am now networking and meeting with various business groups which I really enjoy and I love my new Northampton ICB family who meet up on a monthly basis.

I thoroughly enjoy my new life as a self-employed person which I should have done years ago.

Today I am in a happy place, with the energy and drive to finish my studies and run my own business, Accountancy & Book-keeping Business Support Ltd, and a garden full of fruit and veg as a bonus.

My message to those who are taking this journey, work hard and don’t lose faith in yourself, Training Link is there to support you on your route to your new professional life.

Good Luck to you all and my thanks to the Training Link Tutors, my husband, my family and my friends for supporting me when I most needed it. I consider myself a very lucky lady indeed.”