3 Things Online Training Providers Won’t Tell You

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3 Things Online Training Providers won't tell you

3 Things Online Training Providers Won’t Tell You

Distance learning has become one of the fastest ways to accelerate your career through education.

The ability to learn at your own pace has been key in the ever-growing battle of work/life balance. With so many learning providers arising, what is it you should look for before handing over your hard-earned money?

Here are 3 things Training Providers don’t tell you before signing up.

1. Course material Location! Location! Location!📚

Textbooks are the portal between what you want to learn and actually learning it.

To achieve your goal, you need the best quality study material by your side. A secret some training providers won’t tell you, is where their study material is from. Some providers outsource their study resources. This means a textbook from one supplier, online video resources from another and so on. We think this makes it more difficult for a student if the learning experience is based on several disparate elements that are not designed to work together.

How can your study experience be the best when the material is not cohesive?

Study Material - Blog Asset

This isn’t to imply mixing and matching content can’t work. Many of us find that learning on YouTube from several channels is preferable to learning from only one. But when you are investing in your future, don’t you want the best?


To have the best chance of success, find a training provider who writes their own material. Here at Training Link, we write the textbooks ourselves. We are able to ensure our textbooks stay relevant and accurate because we use print-on-demand. Being able to respond to student demands through updated study material is key. Bringing new real-world examples and relevant references has been instrumental to our students’ success.

2. Student support is more than a sales tactic

Flexible learning provides students with the freedom to learn at their own pace.

But what happens when you have a question to ask?

Tutoring and support systems are key tools in distance learning.

As a Training Provider, we recognise the investment you make in your development. These investments are both in time as well as finance, hence we try to make the most of both for you.

– Communication is key.

Some students study in the morning before attending work. Others study after they have put the children to bed. Study times can fluctuate, so it’s key to have responsive tutors for any scenario.

One trick you can use is asking a question about a course over email before purchasing a course. This can give you a glimpse of how communication may go over the duration of your studies with the Training Provider. Taking too long to reply? Too pushy towards selling rather than answering your queries? These are things to look out for.

Not every student requires regular communication with a tutor though. Yet, every student will encounter an assignment. Tutors at Training Link, give feedback after every assignment.

– Student Support Networks

Student support networks, are spaces where you can liaise with fellow students and tutors to get answers and advice.

Alongside award-winning tutors, Training Link offers a student support network; Student Street. Student Street is our private group of members in practice, tutors and students, where insight and support are available 24/7. It doesn’t have to be limited to study courses. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, there is advice on careers, tips & tricks of the trade and so much more!

– The Truth

Student Reviews are an excellent way to see the genuine approach of a training provider’s support. If you want to see more, compare our reviews to other Training Providers and see the difference we make to students.

3. You can earn as you learn 💰

What is the beauty of distance learning? The power to learn and earn simultaneously.

They say that the best way to learn is – on the job.

Being accustomed to the accounting world day to day can give you a huge advantage when studying.

Typically, Level 2 AAT Foundation takes 1 year to complete. Whilst progressing with your studies, you can then pursue a role within your field. On average, Level 2 Qualified professionals earn £21,000 annually, rising to £23,400 for those with Level 4 (2021).

The only downside to this, is there are only 24 hours in the day. (Trust us, we want more hours too). Finding time to study around work and other life commitments is a balance that requires discipline. That is why the training provider you choose can be significant in your studies.

Training Link offers great student support in the form of tutors and our student support groups. There is an invaluable experience in helping students get through their studies here. We also have complete control of our study material. For you, it means our time-saving utilities & resources reduce your active study time. Meaning you are on the road to advancing your career quicker and more effectively.

Earning as you learn, means you can potentially have 4 years of work experience in accounting by the time you complete your accounting courses. Leaving you in the best position to really kick start your career.

Finance plans help offset the costs of investments you make yourself. They go hand in hand with having a monthly income as you work towards raising your career prospects through study. At Training Link, we offer finance plans on all our AAT & ICB courses.


If you are interested in studying Accounting or Bookkeeping, check out our courses. Not sure what course is right for you? Check out our skill checker.

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