64% of people lack this one key ingredient for success

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64% of people lack this one key ingredient for success

How are you going to improve your life in 2022?

We all start the new year with the best intentions. Lose weight, eat better, change career. These are some of the most popular resolutions.

But how long do these promises last?

One study last year found that 64% of people dropped their new year resolutions before the end of January. For fitness-related resolutions it’s even worse – they’re gone by the middle of the month.

That’s dire. But it’s actually not surprising at all. Because most people lack the one key ingredient to make the big change they wanted when Big Ben chimed at midnight.

But what is that? What is the real key ingredient of success?

Hard work.

It’s a simple truth and anyone telling you otherwise is not being honest.

Big change requires hard work.

We can help you on your journey. We can provide you with the best course study books available. We can offer you the support of specialist tutors who have won or been shortlisted for Tutor of the Year awards. And you’ll have access to a suite of professionally created video explanations for key topics.

All of these things will make your journey easier. But we can’t do it for you. To change career requires hard work and commitment.

And when you’re ready to commit, we’ll be here to help.

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