These AAT pass rates show you don’t need to study at a local college anymore…

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AAT online learning pass rates

These AAT pass rates show you don’t need to study at a local college anymore…

How far away is your nearest college?

A 30-minute drive?

An hour?

And while you’re stuck in traffic staring at rain-lashed tail lights, cursing road works that will make you late for class – again, thousands of other students are cracking on with their studies.

They can do that because they are studying an AAT online course with Training Link.

93.2% pass rate for AAT level 2, 14.6% higher than the national average

Within minutes of your course pack arriving on your doorstep you’ll see why our AAT pass rates smash the national average.

The level of detail far exceeds the old-fashioned college textbooks that lecturers rigidly stick to. And because Training Link use the latest in print-on-demand publishing technologies we are not constrained by the typical textbook publishing process. For some students, as strange as it may seem, that process could be the difference between a pass and a fail.

Here’s why…

The traditional 5 step Textbook publishing process (watch out for step 5… it could cost you an exam pass)

Other people’s textbooks usually go through the same writing and publishing process they have for decades, and it’s usually something like this:

  • Write
  • Edit
  • Proof-read
  • Corrections
  • Print thousands of books and store them on a dusty shelf for years

I hate step 5 and I’ll tell you why…

Once it’s printed, it’s sitting there until the syllabus changes. That could be three years away. So, dated study material ends up sitting on a shelf gathering dust simply because the publisher printed as many as possible to take advantage of the discount that comes from ordering larger print-runs.

Well it may save them some money but what does this mean for students like you?

What if someone spots a problem with the material? ‘It’ll have to wait’.

What if tutors notice one topic is a stumbling block for some students? What if the material could be tweaked to help improve understanding? Again, ‘tough luck’.

By printing the books in huge numbers there’s no scope to revise and improve them based on feedback from students.

That’s not the Training Link way. Here’s how we do it differently…

The key ingredient that powers our AAT online pass rates

Training Link course material is all bespoke.


It is written by us for you and is not available anywhere else. Some training providers offer textbooks which they buy from other publishers. Others cobble together a mixed bag of materials from several companies and just provide tutor support.

But how can that lead to a coherent educational experience? How can you improve the study experience when you don’t write your own books?

We do it differently.

We have total control over our study materials and your learning experience, and that’s why our students get results.

Everything you receive has been carefully constructed by our experienced (and in many cases award-winning) academic writers and tutors. And that means an obsessive eye for detail. Our tutors are constantly speaking with our students, so we learn how they progress through our course material so we can make revisions to improve what we offer you.

This is why, bit by bit, we are nudging these pass rates even higher…

Training Link pass rates smash the AAT’s national average

Here’s how we compare with the AAT’s own national average pass rates for 2021:

Course Level Worldwide Average Training Link How much better than the national average?
AAT Level 2 81.3% 93.2% +14.6%
AAT Level 3 73.8% 92.3% +25%
AAT Level 4 65.2% 91% +39.5%

Obviously, we were delighted to smash the worldwide average for all three AAT levels. But the improvement process never stops.

Today we’ve answered hundreds of student questions, marked mock exams, and offered assessment feedback.

Tomorrow will be exactly the same.

That means even more feedback that we’ll use to make sure that the next time we get those pass rates through from AAT- they’ll be even higher.

So do you want to stick with the expensive old-fashioned college experience and use less effective textbooks? Or are you ready to save money and time by studying AAT online with a training provider that gets AAT pass rates that smash the national average.

Why don’t you have a free trial of our AAT course material?

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