Ready for AAT Q2022! Training Link launch new syllabus pilot scheme

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Training Link Launch AAT Q2022 Pilot Scheme

Ready for AAT Q2022! Training Link launch new syllabus pilot scheme

AAT Q2022 is finally here (well, for a few of you it is).

We’ve been talking about Q2022 for ages. We’ve written articles about the updated syllabus, we’ve produced videos for PQ Magazine to talk about it. And we’ve spent the last two years writing, rewriting, and proofing.

So it was wonderful to finally welcome our first ten students to study the brand-new AAT syllabus.

In fact, we’ve just found out that the first student in the country to register on the new AAT syllabus is a Training Link student.

Why is AAT Q2022 only available for ten students at the moment?

We’ve had a lot of enquiries in the past week about the availability of our AAT Q2022 courses. But this initial set of ten students are part of a Pilot scheme which we are running with AAT.

This benefits both AAT and Training Link students, here’s why…

This is the first revamp of the AAT syllabus since 2016. And it’s vital that our course textbooks, assessments, mock exams, and the various online material we offer are tested as thoroughly as possible.

The more feedback we get the more we can improve our course material before the official launch later in the year.

Now, I’ve talked before about the lengthy and rigorous process involved in the creation of Training Link course material. But even with our exhaustive and detailed checks, the most powerful feedback comes from our students.

At Training Link the most important thing is the student. And we know that the way a student reads the material may differ to the way an experienced tutor who already knows the subject inside and out may interpret something.

So these ten students are giving us vital and continued feedback that will power our AAT course suite for this new syllabus. Thankfully, the work we have carried out is still built on the Training Link material that has led to a 93.5% pass rate for Level 2 Accounting, 92% at Level 3, and a Level 4 pass rate that’s 15.8% higher than the national average.

That’s not a bad base to work from, is it?

But thanks to the AAT’s pilot scheme, we’re working closely with our ten students and looking forward to learning exactly how we can nudge those pass rates ever higher.

So when we launch the new syllabus to a wider audience you can be assured that our AAT course material has been thoroughly road-tested.

And as we’re one of only two distance learning providers on the Pilot scheme- not every training provider can claim that!

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