Become an ICB Bookkeeper with AAT Level 3 in 60 hours!

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Become an ICB Bookkeeper with AAT Level 3 in 60 hours!

Did you know that completing AAT Level 3 can lead to a direct route to ICB membership and the title of a certified bookkeeper?

Becoming a certified bookkeeper with ICB membership carries lots of benefits. Once you become a part of the ICB family, bookkeepers gain access to a vast network of professionals, resources, and opportunities. Plus, with ICB’s reputable status and its focus on bookkeeping excellence, members stand out in the job market and enjoy a higher demand for their services.

But how?

The pathway to ICB membership is now smoother for AAT students, thanks to a partnership that recognises the educational equivalence of specific AAT qualifications. 

Those who have completed AAT Level 3 are just one step – one exam away from becoming a certified ICB Bookkeeper. 

Does this mean less studying? 

Not necessarily. But it does imply a focused effort to bridge the gap between the two credentials.

AAT Level 3 graduates can directly achieve ICB membership by taking the ICB Level 3 Bridging Unit. This is a thoughtful adjustment to streamline the membership for those who may have studied AAT, but want to have the status of a certified bookkeeper.

In addition to what you learned in AAT Level 3, you will cover additional units in the bridging unit. This unit will include​ covering partnership accounts, non-profit club accounts and limited liability accounts. You will cover all elements related to the skills gap between the AAT and the ICB Syllabus.

Upon completion of the ICB Bridging Unit, you will be granted ICB Membership. In addition, you will be awarded the designatory letters ‘MICB’ and can work as a self-employed bookkeeper.

The Bridging Unit ensures that you are up to the standards set by the ICB, without the need to retrace your entire educational path.

What is required for the ICB Bridging Course

Learning Hours: 40–60

Duration: Up to 9 Months

Exams: 1

With the ICB bridging unit, the goal of ICB membership is well within reach. A small leap from AAT Level 3 to ICB could be a giant step towards your bookkeeping career. If you’re an AAT Level 3 student or a bookkeeping enthusiast ready to take the next step, the message is clear – hone your skills, access the right resources, and commit to achieving ICB membership. 

Your professional future is just one exam away – how soon you take it is in your hands.

For more details on the ICB Level 3 Bridging Unit and how to sign up, visit the unique learning experience we offer.

P.S Did you hear?

We have recently been nominated for 3 awards for the upcoming AAT Training Provider Awards 2024!

One of these nominations is for Will Boardman, who is a cornerstone of our tutoring team. He has been nominated for Tutor of the Year.

As you may have seen from our live classes, study resource videos and even his own YouTube channel; Will’s work ethic embodies his dedication to student success. In addition, his innovative teaching methods have not only empowered countless students but have also set a benchmark for quality education.

From all at Training Link, want to thank you for your continued support.

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