Benefits of Distance Learning

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distance learning

Benefits of Distance Learning

Whether you are a qualified bookkeeper or accountant wanting to update your skills while working, or a brand new student wanting a flexible learning solution, distance learning offers a number of advantages.
One of the biggest is accessibility. As courses can be completed anywhere (e.g. within the comfort of your own home, during your lunch break at work, during the morning commute etc.) you do not have to be physically present at a designated location in order to study. With the help of an internet connection and computer, you are able to study from anywhere in the world!

In the case of our bookkeeping and accounts qualifications, this accessibility makes it possible for you to work full-time while studying. For businesses looking to enrol their staff, this offers an excellent way to maximise employee skills and talents without losing valuable working hours. For students, this offers a way to balance your work, studies and personal life more easily.

The advantages of distance learning include the following:

  • Flexible study
    • You can study in your own time: – Before or after work, during your lunch break or over the weekend; the choice is yours. This means that your studies can fit around your day-to-day responsibilities without sacrificing time for work, family or socialising. As long as you are able to dedicate a few hours a week (and stay on track), a flexible distance learning study schedule can make it possible to achieve your dream career while juggling your regular responsibilities.
  • Accessible learning
    • For students who live in remote locations, or for those who struggle to attend a further education college, studying along the “more traditional” methods is almost impossible.
      Distance learning breaks down the barriers to education that are caused by location or accessibility, making it possible for anyone, anywhere to study toward an exciting and rewarding new career in bookkeeping and accounts.
  • Career growth while you earn
    • In today’s competitive business environment, employees carrying up-to-date, nationally recognised qualifications carry with them a distinct advantage. Demonstrating a commitment to lifelong learning and continuous professional development, distance learning qualifications in bookkeeping and accounts make it easier to advance your career by making you stand out from the crowd.
      Mature students and those with families can also continue to grow without losing valuable income.
  • Value to employers
    • As mentioned earlier, this type of learning offers substantial benefits to businesses and employers. Employees who study in their own time without compromising their work schedule become valuable assets to their companies who want to capitalise on the increased skills offered by additional qualifications.
  • Update skills and enhance potential
    • For those looking to change their career, update an existing qualification or increase their skills, studying via distance learning on a part-time (or full-time) basis can be an excellent way to do so without giving up current work responsibilities.
      Sole traders, entrepreneurs, stay at home mums (or dads); mature students and post-graduates can all take advantage of the flexibility of this style of study to learn bookkeeping and accounts.

With all of the benefits offered by distance learning, it’s no surprise that this form of study is fast becoming one of the most convenient, flexible and rewarding ways to expand your skills and knowledge in the bookkeeping and accounting sectors.

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