Exam results for April

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exam success

Exam results for April

April was another fantastic month for our students, achieving 100% pass rates in ‘B3’, ‘BA7’, ‘ABA8’ and ‘ABA9’.  What we’re particularly proud of is the consistency of our exam pass rates.

What follows is a snapshot of the ICB pathway, and the success rates for some of these milestones over the last 6 months:

  • B2 – 95.47%
  • B3 – 98.97%
  • BA7 – 94.17%
  • ABA9 – 91.67%

When asked how this is achieved, exams officer Bev Roberts said:

“We’re extremely proud of our students, and the dedication that they commit to their studies. Students’ commitment and dedication to succeed, alongside a quality support network is key. Before sitting an exam, we go to great lengths to ensuring our students are fully prepared; the fact that these steps are reflected in our students’ results shows us that what we do works, and that’s a great testament to the team and the students.”

Of course, the exam is just one element! Wherever you choose to start your learning journey with us, we have a range of courses to suit.

Some prospective students aren’t sure if bookkeeping is for them, and for that, we offer an Introduction to bookkeeping course.

We also have a range of level 2 affiliate courses (equivalent to GCSE) for those with little or no experience in bookkeeping, but have a desire to work in the industry.

Level 3 associate is the next stage of our bookkeeping pathway (equivalent to ‘A’ level) and the final stage if you are looking to become a self-employed bookkeeper.

Looking at the above, it can look a little daunting, so we asked head of qualifications, Gill Tucker how getting to level 3 can be achieved.

“Nothing worthwhile comes easy, or quickly!” she said. “Think of your learning process as a journey. The great thing about this journey is that you have full control over the speed and direction, but just like driving, it’s important that you don’t speed. We give you all the tools to help you achieve your goals, and the best way to get the results you’re looking for is to make full use of these tools. Take your time, set realistic goals, and with your hard work and enthusiasm and your dedication to succeed, you will get to your destination.”

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