This four-letter word should scare a serious student

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Don't be distracted by this four-letter word

This four-letter word should scare a serious student

One word can mask a litany of failures.

It’s being used more and more. And if you’re serious about successful studies you’ll see through it as easily as a freshly squeegeed window.


Everyone likes something for nothing (even though most of us recognise that, really, – it’s already priced in). But when what’s being given away has nothing to do with the actual education experience – that’s a red flag.

Training Link courses are designed to help you to gain the qualification and kickstart your career. And when we think about our study experience, that idea is at the forefront of our decision-making process.

That’s why you’ll notice how often we talk about our award-winning tutor support. It’s why we say that our course material is written by our own team of tutors. It’s why our videos have been professionally scripted, shot, edited and feature our own tutors. And it’s why we now offer Live Online Classes as part of our Blended Live package

And we’ll talk about pass rates. A lot. Because pass rates like ours, show that the way we do things works.

In the end, you deserve to be studying with a distance learning provider that delivers demonstrable results. A provider that is committed to getting you through the course, submitting assessments, taking the exams, and passing them.

And that’s why serious students who want to gain their qualifications choose Training Link.

So, as you compare different providers, ask yourself whether each one spends more time papering over the cracks with that four-letter word than they do talking about pass rates, results, and the standard of the educational experience.

Everything you really need to succeed is included

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