Sleep – Are YOU getting enough?

sleep - are you getting enough?

Sleep – Are YOU getting enough?

Skipping through the various radio stations on a recent road trip, I came across upon a very interesting topic on sleep. Granted, not the ideal topic while driving, but it was first thing in the morning, so I felt relatively refreshed!

The gist of it was that there is no definitive ‘ideal’ amount of time that anyone should sleep; some can get by on as little as 5 hours a night whereas some can’t function without having at least 8 or 9!

One of the most interesting things that came up was napping (yes, it is okay to nap!)

It was noted that if you were to have a 10-20 minute nap in the afternoon (some call this a ‘power nap’), it could make you more productive over the latter part of the day than if you were to fight the urge to nap and push through it.

Perhaps a siesta is the key to success? You’ll have to decide for yourselves!!

More information can be found here.

Could this work for study? I would love to hope so, but I’ve never felt the urge to take a little sleep part way through revising or working through complex problems!