How to Get the Most Out of Distance Learning

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How to Get the Most Out of Distance Learning

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in accounting and bookkeeping?
Or are you already in the midst of your distance learning course and feeling overwhelmed?

Distance learning can be an excellent option for furthering your skillset and qualifications – but only if it works for you. Learning remotely requires attention, dedication, motivation and discipline. So how do you make sure you are successful in your course? 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at tips and strategies to get the most out of distance learning.

We’ll cover topics like time management techniques, staying ahead of deadlines and stress relief methods to help make sure you succeed in your studies!

Use technology to stay organised and on task

In today’s age, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with endless to-do lists, errands, and deadlines. On top of this, family commitments, relationship management and finding the time to invest in ourselves. 

Luckily, we have access to an evolving array of technology to help us stay organised. By using our everyday devices, we can take control of our schedules, streamline our lives, and ultimately reduce stress. Digital calendars can send us reminders and alerts, ensuring we never miss an important date. Note-taking apps help us jot down our thoughts and ideas to declutter our minds. While task management tools enable us to prioritise and track our progress towards our goals. Why not harness the power of technology to simplify our lives and make each day a little more manageable? 

When it comes to studying your course, the growth in new technology helps both us as a Distance Learning institution and you as students. Because of technology, we now offer Live classes for AAT across levels 2, 3 & 4. We deliver live classes to our students with a schedule that will take you through each unit. Working to a schedule like this enables you to stay on task, and also to find the extra help you may need on difficult topics.

Technology allows us to provide extra resources for our students to learn from. For other aspects such as time management, note-taking & to-do lists, here is a range of apps we think will help you in your studies;

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Take advantage of your studies by creating a strategic schedule

The key to success in your studies is balancing your responsibilities while still dedicating time to your learning.

Start by listing your work or personal commitments. Then determine slots throughout your day or week where you can dedicate time to your learning journey. Moreover, set priorities and hold yourself accountable so that you can stick to your schedule consistently. By being strategic and intentional with your time management, you’ll soon discover how you can build on your knowledge and skills, without putting your daily life in disarray. It is not realistic that we can create that perfect plan, but the age old saying always stands true; “By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail”.  Begin a change today with better time-management and watch your progress unfold.

Important Note: Be realistic in the goals which you set. It can be easy to set an ambitious amount of goals to achieve in a short time. However, you run the risk of burnout or falling off the track by not sticking to your daily tasks.

Use resources such as tutors, online classes and discussion boards

There’s a range of various resources available to students to enhance the learning experience. Tutors, online classes, and discussion boards are just some of the tools available to help you thrive academically or personally.

Tutors offer valuable one-on-one expertise and guidance, tailored to your unique learning styles. Having an expert on hand you can call on when stuck, can be a game changer in your studies. If you prefer learning whilst connecting with others, online classes can provide the flexibility and opportunity to learn from anywhere, anytime. As mentioned above, for AAT Accounting, we run live online classes. This gives our students the opportunity to learn in real-time, accessing support on difficult topics in an online classroom environment. 

Meanwhile, discussion boards go beyond the classroom, opening up engaging conversations where you can exchange ideas, ask questions, and gain insights from different perspectives. Network with both current and past students, in addition to professionals in your chosen industry. 

These resources can be used independently, or in conjunction to build a support unit for your studies. Accounting and Bookkeeping students, take advantage of these resources and create a richer, more fulfilling learning journey.

If you’re an accounting or bookkeeping student, we have an ever-evolving and growing group for you. Student Street is a community set up for all accounting students, ex-students and practising accountants. Being part of this community can help build your confidence as you connect with other accounting professionals.

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Distance learning provides unique opportunities to gain knowledge, develop new skills, and form meaningful connections, no matter where you are. Utilising available technology, crafting a strategic schedule and leveraging online collaboration tools can all help to get the most out of distance learning experiences. Setting specific goals and taking action to reach them is a great way to stay motivated as you stay on top of your learning journey. 

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