Training Link win ICB Training Provider of the Year for 11th time

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Training Link win ICB Training Provider of the Year for 11th time

We are delighted to have been named ICB Training Provider of the Year award for the 11th time.

This remarkable feat showcases not only our unwavering commitment to quality education but also our consistency in maintaining the highest standards of ICB course delivery.

The Winning Legacy

Established 27 years ago, Training Link has consistently been a frontrunner in the field of bookkeeping and accounting education. Our dedication to delivering high-quality courses and ensuring the success of our students has set us apart from the competition.

A Record-Breaking Achievement

Clinching the ICB Training Provider of the Year title for the 11th time is record-breaking. No other training provider has managed to maintain such a consistent winning streak in the history of this award. This accomplishment is a testament to our exceptional teaching methods, top-notch tutor team, and the success of our students in ICB exams.

The Secret to Success

What sets Training Link apart from the competition? It’s a combination of factors that contribute to our continued success:

1. Expert Tutors: We have an impressive team of experienced and knowledgeable tutors who are dedicated to helping our students excel in their studies. Their expertise ensures that students receive the best education possible.

2. Individualised Support: We understand that each student is unique. We provide individualised support and resources to help our students succeed in their studies and exams.

3. Unique printed study materials: We write our own books. By leveraging the experience of our full-time tutors we can craft a learning experience that is tailored for our own experience with students. So, if a particular topic needs extra material- we write it. If a student is finding a topic difficult – we can improve our books. This is one of the major reasons that our pass rates are the envy of other ICB providers.

4. Cutting-Edge Learning Tools: Our institution employs the latest in learning technology to make the education process more engaging and effective. This includes online resources, videos, and mock exams to prepare students for the challenges they’ll face.

Training Link’s 11th win of the ICB Training Provider of the Year award is not just an impressive achievement; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to educational excellence.

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