Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business

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Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business

Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business

So, you’ve just spent the last year or more diligently working through your course (or courses) in preparation for a new career (perhaps you would like to start your own bookkeeping business?) and you’ve now reached the end of your learning journey…Fantastic! Your new career starts here!!

Unless you have already planned your mid/long-term future, you might find yourself unsure as to what to do with your hard earned qualifications.

Our research has found that whilst there is an element of students looking for employment within an established business, the vast majority of our students would like to become self-employed bookkeepers; an admirable goal, particularly when you consider the huge influx of SME’s being established every year.

Becoming a self-employed bookkeeper is an extremely exciting prospect, but just how is this to be achieved?

  • Do you know what you are going to charge?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Who are your customers going to be?
  • How do you set up your business?
  • What are the legal implications?
  • What is my marketing strategy going to consist of?

The questions are many, and the answers tend to be rather sparse!

This got us thinking why there weren’t any in-depth, bespoke courses containing exercises, self-tests or even tutor marked assignments all with the specific goal of guiding newly qualified bookkeepers into a challenging, but often hugely rewarding career move in to self-employment…just how do you start your own bookkeeping business?

Based on this question, we decided to develop a course specifically designed toward fulfilling this requirement. Moreover, it would be targeted toward newly qualified students at Associate level with the ICB or equivalent, as this is the minimum requirement to become a self-employed bookkeeper.

This is where our “Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business” was born! This course has been developed specifically for anyone who is serious about entering the world of self-employed bookkeeping.

Visit the course page to find out more, and see how we can help you start your own business!

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