The 5 Best YouTube Playlists To Keep You Focused And Studying

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The 5 Best YouTube Playlists To Keep You Focused And Studying - Featured Image

The 5 Best YouTube Playlists To Keep You Focused And Studying

It’s no secret that YouTube can be a time vacuum.

But what many people don’t realise is that YouTube can be a powerful tool for studying and staying focused. It’s full of educational content and tips on all sorts of topics. In addition to the wealth of educational videos available on YouTube, the site also offers a number of great playlists that can help you focus while you study.

If you’re looking for some new study music, check out one of these playlists. You might just find that they help you get more out of your study sessions.

1. Mozart - Classical Music for Brain Power

If you’re looking for Classical music to help you focus, this playlist is perfect. Mozart’s classical music is known for its ability to lower stress and provide a more relaxing atmosphere.

Whether you’re trying to drown out background noise or just want something soothing to listen to, Mozart is a great choice. Plus, his work is highly regarded by classical music lovers around the world.

If you don’t like Mozart, there are plenty of other similar playlists available on YouTube. So find what works best for you and enjoy the benefits of classical music!

2. Lo-fi Hip Hop Radio - Beats to Relax/Study to

With the popularity of Lo-fi playlists on YouTube, it may be fair to suggest that it is the best type of music to listen to when studying? The jury is still out on that.

Lo-fi beats are usually smooth and laid back, with a distinct vocal presence. This type of music has been shown to help people stay calm and focused while studying. The best thing about lo-fi beats is YouTube offers a number of great radio live streams that are perfect for studying. 

I would personally listen to this type of music mainly during afternoon and evening study sessions. My only warning is time flies when listening to lo-fi beats, so be careful not to get too absorbed in the music and lose track of time when studying.

3. Relaxing Bossa Nova & Jazz Music For Study - Smooth Jazz Music - Background Music

There are plenty of reasons why jazz music is the best for studying. For one, it helps you focus. If you can’t stand silence or the buzzing of your computer when you work, having some background music can really help you concentrate. That’s where jazz comes in. The mellow sounds of a jazz playlist can help keep you focused and on track while you’re working.

If you’re looking for the perfect music to help you study or focus, look no further than jazz. It’s the perfect mix of calm and stimulating, and it can really help you get the most out of your work time.

4. Classical Piano Music for Brain Power: Piano Music for Studying

There’s no doubt that music can help you focus when you’re studying. But what kind of music is best? Classical music has been proven to be particularly effective for concentration and focus.

The theory is that classical music helps to keep your mind from wandering and allows you to focus on the task at hand. We promise there is a difference between the Mozart playlist and the piano playlist. Mainly in the focus on purely piano. 

Many find classical music can be distracting with the strings section and percussion offering too much for the mind. Maybe this piano playlist can be the perfect middle ground?

Either way, if you’re looking for a playlist to help you power through your next study session, consider classical music. YouTube has a great selection of classical music videos that you can use to create your own study playlist. And who knows, you might just find yourself enjoying the classics more than you thought!

5. STUDY PLAYLIST 🍁 3-HOUR STUDY WITH ME POMODOROS/Relaxing Lofi/ Cozy Autumn Afternoon/Timer and Alarm

For many of us, Autumn is the time when we start our studies. However, regardless of when you start studying, the music you listen to can have a huge impact. This playlist is a blend of smooth sounds to help out in the background.

The playlist is also a smart YouYube playlist. This means that the video is separated into chapters which allocate time for breaks. If only all videos had this (especially distracting videos we watch ⏰👀).

So if you’re looking for an awesome Autumn study playlist, look no further! This playlist has everything you need to help you focus and get the most out of your studies.


These five playlists offer a variety of different genres and styles of music to help you study and stay focused. Whether you prefer classical, jazz, or lo-fi hip hop, there’s something here for everyone. Give them a try and see which one helps you the most!

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