Why is Further Education and CPD Important?

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Further Education

Why is Further Education and CPD Important?

If you’re reading this, I have no doubt that you understand the importance of further education and continuous professional development (CPD). Further education and CPD can lead to many benefits, including a prosperous and fulfilling career and financial security. Now more than ever, further education plays a significant role in affecting your life. Attaining a bookkeeping or accounting qualification can open many doors; from strengthening your CV, to broadening your career prospects, to opening up a world of opportunity. You might even consider running your own practice!

Create Opportunities

In an ideal world, we all know what we want to do from an early age, and we all work toward gaining the required qualifications to attain that goal…But reality is a VERY different beast! In reality, very few of us know what we want to be “when we grow up”, but we do recognise that qualifications are the key to getting a job. At the very least, we know that we would like a career that is rewarding, pays well, and is something we feel secure in and satisfied with.

Further education within the bookkeeping or accountancy sector teaches you to understand complex concepts, think analytically, and communicate your ideas effectively. As a distance learner, you also learn important skills such as organisation, self-discipline, time management and how to see a task through from start to finish. Taking a bookkeeping and accounting course will help you become more professional and give you many work-related skills; opening up new and perhaps unexpected opportunities that might not have become available to you had you not embarked upon your learning journey.

Stay Competitive

Further education, and particularly CPD, provides you with a competitive edge – Not only in the career market, but also as a practicing bookkeeper or accountant. More now than ever before, finding jobs or securing clients is not guaranteed, but with an up to date qualification (or qualifications), you will be better equipped than most.

Generally speaking, employers and clients alike tend to value those who have completed a distance learning qualification, as this demonstrates sound time management skills, self-discipline and being able to work autonomously to name just a few. Perhaps most importantly, it also shows a clear commitment to lifelong learning and self-development.

further education

Learn New Skills

During your distance learning programme, you’re learning new skills which will encourage you to:

  • Think
  • Analyse
  • Organise
  • Explore new ideas
  • Ask questions

You’ll also be expanding your skills and knowledge, grasping new theories and concepts, expressing your thoughts clearly, and increasing your understanding of the bookkeeping and accounting industry.

Our economy is different than it was twenty or thirty years ago, and whilst it’s true that the existing market is made up of a wide range of specialisms; artists, designers, healthcare workers, IT experts, video game developers etc., whilst there is ‘business’, and a working economy, there will always be a need for bookkeepers and accountants.

With a distance learning bookkeeping or accounting qualification, you have the chance to adapt and succeed in your chosen career. What’s more, you’ll be best placed to offer your services within the challenging times that we are all currently facing. Our distance learning courses will help prepare you for all of this, and more.

Invest in Your Future

There’s no getting away from it – Investing in a distance learning course is a big commitment; both of money and time. However, instead of thinking of it as buying a product, you can think of it as an initial deposit on your future. Investing in your education will help you achieve your career goals and succeed in life. There’s a lot of hard work involved, but you’re not just buying a certificate – You’re preparing yourself for a rewarding and challenging career that leads to greater financial security.

The great thing about a distance learning course with Training Link is that our courses and their associated qualifications will eventually pay for themselves, so you shouldn’t let this discourage you from advancing your education.

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Job Satisfaction

If a career in bookkeeping or accounting interests and inspires you, then a qualification with Training Link will allow you to pursue this. When you have the freedom to choose your career, you’re more likely to enjoy it. Higher job satisfaction also comes from higher income, better employment benefits, more advancement opportunities, and a more stable work/life balance.

We often hear of people who are looking to get out of their dead-end job; they’re looking for a fulfilling career instead of just clocking in and out every day, earning just enough to pay their bills. When you’re in a rewarding career that you enjoy, you’re more likely to perform your job well and consequently receive genuine job satisfaction out of it. When you’re more satisfied, you’re more likely to be productive, which leads to better job security.

Improve Your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Many of our learners have not attended school or college for a number of years; some went straight into work after school. Some have many fears or anxieties about the thought of learning something new, but what is common in all of them is that they want to improve themselves and they are determined to succeed.

Regardless of who you are, earning a distance learning qualification is a great achievement. You will have greater confidence in yourself, and your self-esteem will be boosted after you have concluded your learning journey. Not only will you be better equipped to deal with what life will throw at you, but you are going to be more likely to feel more confident (and receive a great deal more satisfaction) in doing so.

A distance learning qualification carries with it a lot of pride and a great feeling of accomplishment. This is something that nobody can take away from you. There are always peaks and troughs through life, but you will always know exactly what it takes to begin something and successfully complete it. This is priceless.

Happier and Healthier Life

Further to the above points, a distance learning qualification (including Continuous Professional Development) makes you more aware of what you’re capable of. Regardless of the timeframe; one, two, five, or even six years of learning and personal development, you will feel more content and happier in yourself.

Remember, a distance learning qualification doesn’t necessarily guarantee you financial security and a great life. But, the fact remains that no qualification is ever wasted. A qualification in bookkeeping or accounting will give you greater scope for employment or self-employment, increase your income potential, and secure the work/life balance that you might be yearning for. It can also create opportunities for your children as well.

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Regardless of who you are; your age, where you come from, or where you live, a distance learning course can make it easier for you to earn your qualification no matter what stage of life you’re in.

We invite you to learn about who we are, read about our courses, take a look at our Trustpilot reviews, and see how easy it is to start your learning journey today.

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