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Level 2 Bookkeeping ‘B1’-‘B2’ Including £42 Exam Fees -



Level 2 Bookkeeping ‘B1’-‘B2’ Including £42 Exam Fees


New and Completely Upgraded Level 2 Course

Now contains even more materials, lessons, examples, activities and Online Utilities than ever before. £42 Exam Fees are Included.

‘Introduction to Bookkeeping’ Course Units Included.

Take a look at the Course content tab below.

Interest Free Payment Plan for this course consists of an initial payment of £85.00 followed by 3 monthly payments of £70.00. To take advantage of this payment method, use the down arrow to select “Payment Plan” before adding to basket.

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Level 2 bookkeeping Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course as it is designed for the complete beginner. As an added benefit to you, all units from ‘The Introduction to Bookkeeping’ course are also included, so there is no need to purchase this as well.

Select the ‘Course Content’ Tab for what we include in this course, or contact us if you have any questions.

A good understanding of the English language is essential.

About this course

This New ICB level 2 B1 and B2 combined Bookkeeping course forms part of the ICB Level 2 Affiliate qualification and has been designed for people wishing to develop a solid and comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts of double entry bookkeeping up to Trial Balance. The Computerised elements of Level 2 Bookkeeping is covered in course ‘B3’.
On completion of  ‘B1’, ‘B2’ and ‘B3’ you will receive a certificate and be eligible to apply for Affiliate Membership of the ICB.

A combined package covering all of Level 2  B1, B2 and B3 is available here and the Professional version here.

For those wishing then to upgrade their skills and qualifications, or indeed set up as a self-employed bookkeeper, the AICB Associate packages or MICB Full Member packages should be your eventual objective.


Approximately 40-45 hours average active study time with Enhanced Learning Resources.

request free trial, level 2 bookkeeping

Enhanced Learning (Fast Track)

Our high quality study materials and resources have been specifically developed to significantly reduce the amount of time taken to complete our courses. There is no extra charge or reduction whatsoever in the learning content, in fact we believe our courses cover more detail than those found elsewhere. Tutor feedback and assignment marking is guaranteed less than 24 hours ensuring you are not left waiting days on end for answers and are able to remain motivated and have the best possible chance of succeeding.

  • ‘B1’ & ‘B2’ ICB Exams and booking fees
  • FREE Enhanced Learning Materials and Time Saving Utilities (Fast track)
  • Award winning Qualified tutor support by e-mail and telephone
  • Printed Workbook containing lessons, examples, activities and assessments
  • Printed Model Answers Workbook
  • 24/7 Online assessments with instant marking
  • FREE E-Books for all devices
  • 2 x Online exam simulation tests (Mock Exams)
  • 12 Months ICB Student registration fee
  • FREE Postage and packaging
  • Entitlement to apply for an NUS Extra card

‘B1’ Bookkeeping: 

  • The role of the bookkeeper
  • Types of businesses
  • The concepts of Business Entity and Historic Cost
  • Setting up the Bank Account
  • The Analysed Cash Book
  • An Introduction to Double Entry Bookkeeping
  • The concept of Duality
  • Correction of Errors
  • The Journal
  • The Cash Account
  • Two Column Cash Book
  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • Payroll Transactions
  • Credit Transactions
  • An Introduction to Value Added Tax
  • Business Documents
  • Calculating VAT
  • Discounts
  • VAT and the Ledgers
  • Petty Cash
    • Practice activities with model answers
    • Online Knowledge tests
    • Practical assignments
  • Mock Exam
  • Online Mock Exam

‘B2’ Bookkeeping

  • Day Books
  • Control Accounts
  • Three Column Cash Book
  • Bad debts
  • Sale of an Asset
  • Paying the VAT bill
  • The Construction Industry
  • Withdrawal of funds by partners and directors
  • Foreign Transactions
  • Relevant Legislation
    • Practice activities with model answers
    • Online Knowledge tests
    • Practical assignments
  • Mock Exam
  • Online Mock Exam

The Level 2 Certificate in Manual Bookkeeping Papers ‘B1’ and ‘B2’ are online examinations and can be completed wherever a student has uninterrupted access to a secure internet connection.

Exam preparation

A series of knowledge tests throughout the courses, end of course assessments and online exam simulation tests (Mock Exams) are the perfect way to ensure you have the best possible chance of success. Our specialist examinations department will provide you with feedback, advice and support plus any additional lessons you may need prior to taking exams. We use the same testing system as the ICB so you will have a perfect insight into the real thing prior to taking your final exams.

The following courses can be taken on completion of the ‘B1’ and ‘B2’ assessments. Returning students are entitled to a 10% discount off the advertised prices.

Courses must be taken in the following order:

·         Level 2 Computerised Bookkeeping ‘B3’

·         Level 3 ‘BA4’ Year End Sole Traders

·         Level 3 ‘BA5’ Year End Partnerships

·         Level 3 ‘BA6’ Year End Not For Profit Organisations

·         Level 3 ‘BA7’ External examination for Associate Membership (AICB)

·         Level 4 ‘ABA8’ Year End Ltd Companies, Ratio’s and Incomplete records.

·         Level 4 ‘ABA9’ External examination for Full Membership (MICB)

If wishing to take more than one course, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss a package that fulfils your needs.

Q: What is the average completion time for these courses?

A: Our statistics are showing that on average our students are completing ‘B1’ in 48 days and ‘B2’ in 79 days. 


Q: Do I need a computer?

A: Yes. This is essential as you will need to complete a series of online knowledge tests, practical assignments and mock exams. Additionally, all full exams are completed online. A tablet could be used, although this isn’t recommended as it would be slightly restricting with screen size. 

Microsoft Excel is also recommended for the practical activities.


Q: Do I have a designated tutor or will it change depending on when I ask for help.

A: You will have a designated tutor for the duration of the course. Questions and marking of assignments is guaranteed to be less than 24 hours during the week, although the average response time between 9am and 5.30pm is less than 2 hours. Weekends and evenings can take a little longer. Answers to online knowledge tests are instant and available 24/7.


Q: If I fail an exam do you cover the cost of taking it again?

A: No. We have an examinations department plus many online tests and simulations to prepare our students for exams. It is only when both student and tutor are 100% confident that we put anyone forward for an exam. We have very few students failing exams and as such do not factor resit fees into our prices. We have discounts available on exam fees so in the unlikely event of a failure the full price would never be payable.


Q: Do I need Sage on my computer for this course.

A: No. This course does not cover Computerised Bookkeeping. It focuses on the knowledge and practical aspects of bookkeeping which can then be transposed into Computerised Bookkeeping. Computerised Bookkeeping starts with the ‘B3’ course

Andrew Smith, Rated: 5


I found this course to be perfect to fit in with my life, as a mature student with two teenage kids and having just been made redundant I needed to find a course where I could dictate time times I worked. Having a home based course like this one was perfect, plus having email tutor support worked for me better than I could have wished. The details and layout made it ideal to follow and work through at my own pace. The email support was great and very responsive, my Tutor Steve was very understanding and explained answers to my questions in a way I could understand better, even if it did take a couple of attempts. In the end I was successful in passing the exams, I have been so pleased with Training Link that I have ordered a Sage course and I am looking at an additional payroll course. I would highly recommend Training Link to anyone looking at getting into the world of bookkeeping

Alice Daniels, Rated: 5

Great starting point to bookkeeping

I have just completed this course, and thought it would be worthwhile to review it.  The course arrived in a few days of ordering, and Training Link were very friendly while arranging the monthly payments. The material is easy to follow, and I never felt completely lost in what I was being asked to do. The activities are set at a good level of difficulty to properly test your understanding. When I did need tutor support, I found them very accessible and friendly, often replying within a few hours.  The exams are fairly challenging, I would recommend buying the extra mock exam as I was able to gain a few extra marks from doing so. This is course is a great foundation knowledge/skill builder, and I am looking forward to continuing my studies.

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