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Self-Employed Package *Exams Included* -

£3,051.00 £1,795.00 Saving 41%


Self-Employed Package *Exams Included*

£3,051.00 £1,795.00 Saving 41%

Our unique blend of printed learning materials and online resources cannot be found anywhere else.

Award Winning tutorial support and a dedicated student services support team.

  • *FREE Xero Course and Certification*
  • Exam fees are currently £570.00 and are included with this package

Outstanding 1st Time Exam Pass Rates.

*Price Match* If you can find the same package available elsewhere for a better price we will match it and still include all of our extra utilities.

Deposit of £187.00 followed by:

  • 12 monthly payments (Interest Free) of £134.00
  • 24 monthly payments of £74.13 at 9.9% finance
  • 36 monthly payments of £51.81 at 9.9% finance

Finance options provided by divido

For alternative payment plans, please Contact Us

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On completion of this self-employed package, qualified candidates will be able to:

  • carry out the role of an employed or self-employed bookkeeper
  • reconcile bank statements with the ledgers
  • produce VAT returns
  • control the sales and purchases ledgers
  • post year-end adjustments and produce the final accounts for a Sole Trader, Partnership and Not-for-Profit Organisation and Limited Companies in both a manual and a computerised system
  • process Payroll and Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Self-Employed Bookkeeper:

‘Sage 50 Professional’ is widely used by Accountants and potential clients. Many self-employed bookkeepers sub contract to accountants and also work at their client’s premises, so understanding how to use this software is imperative, more so than owning your own software. Firstly it is expensive, and as the majority of small businesses have fairly easy straightforward transactions, it is not worth going to the expense; Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet applications are more commonly used. If however you feel the need to purchase software in order to furnish a client’s needs, we offer a completely free of charge consultation to ensure you are getting the correct package at the best price. Online Accounting packages are now the most popular and we can offer these to you on a cash-back deal over the first 12 months. Please get in touch if you need any further information.

Employed Bookkeeper:

The majority of jobs advertised require the applicant to be either experienced or have evidence of training in Sage 50 Accounts Professional. This is renowned as the industry standard and is used comprehensively by employers, bookkeepers and accountants. For those who have no experience or certification we recommend taking a look at our “Pro” packages; They include Sage 50 Professional Training (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) at very little extra cost. By learning this package the skills are easily transferred into any other computerised accounts software on the market thus not excluding you from any job applications.

NB – Sage Software not compatible with macs. We suggest using Apple Bootcamp to install.

All Exam and Booking Fees Included. No need to worry about price increases or the hassle of trying to budget and arrange your own exams.

Our unique blend of printed learning materials and online resources backed up by a superb support team produce Outstanding 1st Time Exam Pass Rates and help more than 350 students achieve membership status every year. Often in less than 12 months.


  • All registration, booking fees and exam fees included
  • Printed Workbooks containing lessons, examples, tasks and assignments
  • Printed Model Answers Workbooks
  • Sage software for the FULL duration of your studies (no monthly subscriptions)
  • Tutor Marked Assignments (Guaranteed fast turnaround)
  • 24/7 Online ROGO Assessments and Assignments. (Instant Marking with personalised tutor feedback)
  • Enhanced Learning resources
  • Award winning expert subject tutor support by e-mail and telephone
  • FREE repeat lessons
  • New Online ICB exam simulation tests
  • 12 Months ICB Student Membership and registration
  • FREE Postage and Packaging within the UK
  • Purchasing this course will also entitle you to FREE access to ICB’s award-winning membership benefits scheme, ICBenefits

Our Self Employed Package includes:

  • Level 2 Bookkeeping
  • Level 3 Bookkeeping and Accounts
  • Level 3 Payroll Management Diploma
  • Level 3 Self-Assessment Tax Returns
  • All registration, Membership and Exam Fees

This Self Employed Package includes comprehensive and completely up to date study materials and resources, 12 Months ICB Student Membership, Online Mock Exams and ICB Exam Fees. Full contents can be found on the individual product pages. Fully licenced Sage software can be incorporated into your training package on request.

This course package includes content from all of the following:


This equates to 285-340 Guided Learning Hours

Exam preparation

Our courses have ongoing tests including online tests enabling you to feel comfortable when faced with an official exam. End of course tests and mock exams are the perfect way to ensure you have the best possible chance of success and our specialist examinations department will provide you with feedback advice and support plus any additional lessons you may need prior to taking exams.

Please note: Past ICB examination papers are no longer valid under the new syllabus.


Papers ‘A1’ and ‘A2’ are online examinations and can be completed from home or wherever a student has uninterrupted access to a secure internet connection. Paper ‘A3’ is also a home based assignment.

Papers ‘M4’, ‘M5’, ‘M6’ and ‘M7’ are online examinations and ‘M8’ is taken externally at a Pearson VUE testing centre. Click here to locate your nearest centre for the ‘M8’ Certification exam.

The cost of exams can increase at the discretion of the awarding body (ICB). We will pay for all exam fees up to the agreed value at the time of purchase, but any increase in exam fees will need to be paid for by the student.

Level 2 Assessment

The testing of knowledge and skills for the qualification will comprise three online assessments, all of which are taken in the candidate’s home or place of work. The first two will test the concepts that underpin the double entry system for a variety of types of businesses; the third will test the set up and data entry to trial balance using a computerised system. The content of each assessment is listed below.

Paper A1 – Basic double-entry bookkeeping to trial balance

Home /place of work based assessment to include:

  • Underpinning knowledge
    • Knowledge of the different categories of business that exist
    • Terms in bookkeeping (assets, liabilities etc.)
    • Banking procedures
    • Understanding the different categories of VAT (standard, reduced, zero, exempt, outside the scope)
  • Calculation the value of the capital investment for a sole trader
  • Calculation of business documents including calculation of VAT
  • Showing an understanding of the effect of entering transactions into a bookkeeping system for sales, purchases, overheads, capital items, returns, personal items etc.
  • The effect of making and receiving payments including bank, cash and petty cash transactions
  • Calculation of account balances
  • Production and explanation of a trial balance

Paper A2 – Further double entry bookkeeping to trial balance

Home /place of work based assessment to include:

  • Underpinning knowledge
    • Ethics
    • Legislation relevant to the bookkeeper
    • Accounting concepts
  • Further double entry including the following
    • Topics from paper 1
    • The content of control accounts
    • Writing off a bad debt
    • Construction Industry Scheme
    • Posting non-sole trader entries (subscriptions, donations, drawings of partners, directors’ loan accounts etc.)
  • Entry of payroll journals
  • Calculation of the value of a suspense account in a system that does not balance
  • Reconciliation of debtors, creditors and bank balances
  • Correction of errors that do not affect the trial balance
  • Production and explanation of a trial balance

Paper A3 – Data entry to trial balance using a computerised accounts package

Home /place of work based test to include the use of a computerised accounting package to include:

  • Opening of entries
  • Entry of cash and credit transactions
  • Production of a trial balance
  • Production of reports for debtors, creditors, bank, VAT and the audit trail

The three assessments should be taken in the order listed above. Each assessment will generate an accreditation notification. Successful candidates will need to pass all three assessments to gain the full qualification.


The full qualification will be graded at Distinction with Honours, Distinction, Merit or Pass

All assessments are taken at home or at the place of work, and each test will be graded as follows:

  • Distinction 95 -100%
  • Merit 90 – 94%
  • Pass 85 – 89%
  • Fail 0 – 84%

Once all assessments have been successfully completed a final certificate can be applied for which will be graded at Distinction with Honours, Distinction, Merit or Pass. Unit results will be aggregated. To achieve the relevant grade in the full qualification, the following aggregate marks must be achieved:

  • Distinction with Honours 295 marks and above
  • Distinction 285 – 294 marks
  • Merit 270 – 284 marks
  • Pass 255 – 269 marks

Level 3 Assessment

The testing of knowledge and skills for the qualification will comprise three online assessments, all of which are taken in the candidate’s home or place of work plus one assessment taken at an external ICB centre. Note: the assessment may also test elements of the Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping.

Paper M4 – reconciliations and final accounts of a sole trader:

Home / place of work based assessment to include:

  • Underpinning knowledge
  • Reconciliation and correction of errors (customer and supplier reconciliations, bank reconciliation, correction of errors including the clearance of a suspense account balance)
  • The calculation of summary figures for control accounts
  • VAT Returns (cash and standard VAT returns only but including EU transactions)
  • Posting adjustments including disposal and acquisition of fixed assets
  • Revaluation of assets
  • Final accounts of a sole trader (profit and loss account and balance sheet)

Paper M5 – final accounts of a partnership

Home / place of work based covering knowledge and skills assessment to include:

  • All of the requirements for paper M4 but set in a partnership scenario plus:
  • Underpinning knowledge
  • Ethical considerations
  • Underpinning knowledge of the legal requirements for a partnership
  • Final accounts of a partnership including the appropriation account and production of partners’ current accounts
  • Calculations and bookkeeping entries to record a change of partnership (partnership ratios, goodwill, the effect on capital and current accounts etc.)

Paper M6 – final accounts of a not-for-profit organisation

Home / place of work based knowledge and skills assessment to include:

  • All of the requirements of paper M4 but set in a not-for profit scenario plus:
  • Underpinning knowledge regarding not-for-profit organisations
  • Understanding the different requirements of a chart of accounts for such an organisation
  • Understand the concepts of the different forms of income for not-for-profit organisations including a subscriptions account
  • Posting adjustments including the subscriptions account and disposal and acquisition of fixed assets
  • Final accounts of a not-for-profit organisation

Paper M7 – Management accounts of incorporated businesses

Home /place of work based assessment to include:

  • Final accounts including adjustments for a limited company (internal management accounts format only)
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • calculation and interpretation of ratios

Paper M8 – Level 3 External Assessment

This is a single assessment to be taken at an ICB examination centre. The assessment will be a mixture of multi-choice and data entry questions which will cover all elements of the syllabus. Click here to locate your nearest centre.


The full qualification will be graded at Distinction with Honours, Distinction, Merit or Pass

All assessments must be successfully achieved to gain the full qualification. Each assessment will generate a separate accreditation notification.

The home or work place based assessments will be graded as follows:

  • Distinction 95-100%
  • Merit 90-94%
  • Pass 85-89%
  • Fail 0-84%

The assessment taken at an external ICB centre will be graded as follows:

  • Distinction 90-100%
  • Merit 80-89%
  • Pass 70-79%
  • Fail 0-69%

Once all assessments have been successfully completed a final certificate will be awarded which will be graded at Distinction with Honours, Distinction, Merit or Pass. Unit percentage results will be averaged. The following average % marks show an example of how the final grade might be awarded (note the same range of marks may give a different overall result depending on the number of Passes, Merits and Distinctions achieved):

  • Distinction with Honours – 98% and above (with all five papers being graded at Distinction)
  • Distinction – 95-97% overall (with all papers graded at least at Merit or Distinction)
  • Merit – 90-94% (can be a mixture of individual grades)
  • Pass – 80-89% (can be a mixture of individual grades)

Payroll and Self-Assessment Tax Returns are home based examinations and can be completed wherever a student has uninterrupted access to a secure internet connection.

All exam fees are included with this package.

Nicola Stewart, Rated: 5

Well explained and laid out study manuals, great tutors always on hand to answer any queries. Excellent well put together courses that lead you step by step to the point where you are completely prepared for your exam. Can not recommend enough. Purchased the full self employed set last year and have just payroll and self assessment to finish.


Michael Stopford, Rated: 5

At Cumulus Bookkeeping Services we have found the tutors and support at Training Link first class and excellent value for money. As such we continue to return to Training Link for our own staff training needs.


Jo Dunlop, Rated: 5

I’ve studied ICB Bookkeeping with Training Link for just over a year now. The tutors and admin staff are all fantastic; helpful, flexible and patient. Nothing is too much trouble for these ladies and gents.
It is easy to see why they have won the ICB Training Provider of the Year for so many years running (among other awards).
Their pricing is competitive too, with a policy of loyalty to existing customers. I was a bit put out to see an additional module newly included in the ICB Level 3 Course, which wasn’t included when I bought it a year ago. I do accept that pricing changes over time but I wasn’t expecting Training Link to offer such a generous discount when I purchased another batch of courses this year which included that module. So that was a nice surprise.
Well done Training Link; happy to recommend you 🙂


Charlotte Cousins, Rated: 5

Having spent several years working with Training Link to gain my ICB bookkeeping qualifications from Levels 2-4, plus 2 additional diplomas, I cannot recommend them highly enough. The course materials are excellent, the administration is super efficient, and each trainer goes above and beyond to help you through your distance courses.
I became an employed bookkeeper after finishing Level 2, and started up my own self employed bookkeeping business after Level 3. I now work with a range of clients and accountants and feel that the ICB courses as supplied by Training Link have given me the confidence and skills to do this. 
As a former adult trainer in public services myself, I have been extremely impressed about every aspect of the training provided. Training Link has won ICB awards for their training, and if you want to go into bookkeeping, these courses are a fantastic way to start.


Julie Allison, Rated: 5

I have been studying with Training Link for just over six months now and I am very impressed with them. The course materials are well presented and easy to follow. The tutors are very professional and respond very promptly to any queries and with any feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and am looking forward to continuing my studies with them.


Sarah Cawthorne, Rated: 5

Just going to take my final exam to in level 2, bookkeeping. I highly recommend Training Link. My Tutor Angie has been there every step of the way. All the staff are very approachable and helpful in everything. Now onto the exam then level 3. Loving the home study.


Semhar Gmichael, Rated: 5

I have recently finished level 4 Bookkeeping and Accounts with Training Link Institution and right now I am progressing in the direction of my Payroll Management, I don’t regularly write reviews yet this time I will, since they merit it, I can gladly say I am delighted in each progression of it, the support, help and communication are Excellent, tutors are constantly quick to respond and extremely proficient, knowledgeable and dedicated, specially my great tutors Angie Capeling and Bev Roberts: they are incredible, easy to work with and exceptionally decent, I profoundly recommend them. 

At last I am extremely satisfied and happy with the over all experience. I was at the University doing Marketing Management and contrasting with ICB, I would prescribe ICB Training Link for anyone looking to pursue genuine employment in reality, this establishment educates and demonstrates everything in efficiency and broad way that you need to know to return to real professional Job and obviously with low expense contrasted with high Uni charges.


P Francis, Rated: 5

I would highly recommend this company. I’m a student averaging 97%-100% pass rates in ICB exams with these guys, there is a reason they are award winning. I could have self studied cheaper, yes. But if you’re analysing providers and comparing costs, save your time and energy and take the hit and spread cost if you have to and just go and with Training Link. Bookkeeping and accountancy is like learning a language, once you’ve ‘got it’ it’s easy, but even if you are exceptionally focused an detail orientated you will at some point need help. You are paying for that support, lack of anxiety, structure, focus, and peace of mind. It genuinely feels like you have a team behind you. Admin, IT support, excellent. High quality easy to follow manuals. Tutors always respond quickly. Assessments very aligned to actual exams. They ensure you know your stuff as well as able to ace exams. If you want to fast track and just get on, the materials are online and you can sail through on your own if you prefer a hands off approach. The tutors have years of experience and know their stuff. The reason I went with them? I rang and basically got free careers advice and no one tried to sell me a thing. And I was brutal in my expectations. That long term view and confidence in their product and sincerity is rare these days. So 3 days later I took the plunge, went with my gut and had no hesitation in signing up for a the lot. Best money I’ve ever spent. Not sure? They offer sample course info. etc. But, honestly, just go for it! This is a genuine review from a genuine student.


Barry Ward, Rated: 5

Excellent course materials and support

Since starting the course, there have been several occasions where I’ve needed additional support and it’s always been forthcoming, promptly and without doing the work for me (so I had to work through the issue with guidance – a better way to learn). The admin staff are very good, too – when I’ve asked for bits and pieces (invoice copies, for example) they’re sent to me in quick time.
Highly recommend


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