Why choose AAT?

How long do the AAT Bookkeeping qualifications take?

Much depends on the course and the amount of time you can dedicate to your studies; it could be possible to complete some of the courses in just a couple of months whereas for others, it might take a year or more.

Exciting career

People think of AAT bookkeeping and accountancy as quite a dull career choice, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bookkeeping and accounting roles are hugely varied and deliver quality career opportunities.

At the heart of every business is sound financial management, therefore the demand for bookkeeping, accounting and financial skills will never diminish.

With an AAT bookkeeping qualification on your CV, you are able to show a level of industry excellence and work-readiness sought after by employers across all sectors and industries.

Great employment prospects

AAT is a name that employers trust. AAT Qualifications are recognised by many employers as practical and technical qualifications that prepare students for the world of work, specifically in accountancy and financial roles.

Simply put, employers love AAT qualifications as they demonstrate you have the practical real world skills that they need.

Real value for money

Studying for any qualification is a real commitment, both in terms of time and funding, so you want to be certain that your qualification offers you real value for money. AAT qualifications are a quality investment for your career; they are highly respected and valued by employers, internationally recognised, and provide the right type of skills for immediate employment.

Combine study with full-time work or a family

Our flexible qualifications mean it’s easy to fit learning around your work, family, friends and leisure time. You can study full-time, part-time, from home, work or on the move. With our time saving utilities, there really is nothing holding you back. Our courses guide you through your training and onwards toward what we hope will be a long and successful career.

If you’re unsure which level is the right starting point for you, you could take our Skill-check test.

As a newly enrolled student, you will also have the opportunity to join our Facebook student community page ‘Student Street‘. Details will be e-mailed to you once you have been registered on our system.

Additionally, enrolling on one of our course packages also entitles you to apply for an NUS Extra card.

You could even sign up to our no obligation Free Trial to see if bookkeeping and accounts is for you!

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