Level 1 is no longer classified for certification and as such is now incorporated into Level 2 Affiliate; this is now the starting point for those wishing to learn bookkeeping. It covers the basics of double entry bookkeeping through to data entry for all business entities up to Trial Balance. Adjustments, VAT and Year End are covered in Levels 3 and 4.

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Enhanced Learning Resources

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Our Student Services Department is operational 7 days per week, you are able to progress smoothly and in your own time; no scheduled class times to work around or being held up waiting for answers. Additionally, our Student Street community is yours to engage in and share with fellow students 24/7.

For those wishing to seek employment or work Freelance/Self-employed in the Bookkeeping and Accounting industry we strongly recommend our Professional Packages listed below. Alternatively, click the link to see our range of ICB self-employed bookkeeper packages.

Our Level 2 AfICB Professional Packages are unique and not to be found anywhere other than here at Training Link. Please see below for the options we have available for Level 2.

Interest free flexible monthly payment plans are available with all of our course packages. To see each option, simply click “view details”, then select the “payment plan” option in each of our course offerings.

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