Microsoft Excel – Beginners

Save up to 30% on our Microsoft Excel Beginners self-study workbooks.

All versions available from 2007 – 2016

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The Microsoft Excel books are designed as self-study manuals or classroom based courses.

These manuals will help you understand and use your Microsoft Excel software. Please make sure you check which version of Excel you are using and match this with the selection above. We have Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels available for 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 version.

  • Before You Start
  • What is a Spreadsheet Program?
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Excel
  • Workbook Windows and Views
  • Basic Spreadsheet Skills
  • Using the Help System
  • Opening, Saving and Closing Workbooks
  • Workbook File Formats
  • Creating New Workbooks
  • Selecting Cells
  • Cell Referencing
  • Auto Sum and Auto Fill
  • Formatting Numbers
  • Formatting Cells
  • Cell Alignment
  • Cells, Rows and Columns
  • Working with Worksheets
  • Edit, Copy and Move Cells
  • Proofing Workbooks
  • Page Layout
  • Printing and Previewing Worksheets
  • Basic Options
  • E-Mailing Workbooks