Employed Bookkeeper of the Year – Adeolu Omosanya FICB; Finance Manager at Celerity

Employed Bookkeeper of the year

My journey to becoming the ICB Employed Bookkeeper of the Year is as follows:

Secondary School – During my GCSEs I came to a realisation that I loved numbers (even though I got a better grade in English). Because I enjoyed Maths, numbers and calculations, I decided I wanted to go into bookkeeping/accountancy at this stage. The next step from here was for me to choose which options I wanted to do at A-Levels (College). I decided to include Accounting as one of my options.

College – I began my course in accounting and soon realised it was not as easy or simple as I thought! There was a lot more to it and I was in for a shock when we had our first mini test, which I failed quite badly. At this stage I began to question whether I was capable to study accounting or whether I should consider changing to a different career (football). Throughout this time I was constantly supported by both of my parents who urged me to carry on and study harder. Consequently I did two years of accountancy at college, but finished overall with a grade D. I questioned myself again if I wanted to take this on board at University; I eventually decided that I did and went for it.

University – I took on the course “Accounting and Finance”, a 3 year degree which I was very excited about. Although I attained a grade D at college, first year of university saw me achieve a 1st class; I was beginning to understand it all much better!

I also got a 1st class in my dissertation which set me up to claim 8 out of 14 ACCA exam exemptions once I had completed my degree. Although I had completed my 3 year degree and achieved ACCA exemptions, I was still not convinced I possessed the required knowledge to work on my own independently. I then searched the internet for bookkeeping courses and stumbled across the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). At this stage I got my first professional job as an accounts payable clerk which also helped solidify my knowledge.

ICB – I took the bold step to sign up for the full ICB course package through Training Link and within a year I had completed the course. At this stage I was very confident in my abilities, ranging from double entry bookkeeping to year-end adjustments etc. I became a Fellow of the ICB and decided to start my bookkeeping practice (AO Accountants). This was all whilst working full time. I studied and worked full time and ran my bookkeeping practice too; I was determined to succeed.


ACCA – I took up the 8 exemptions from my degree and began to study for the ACCA qualification whilst working full time. At this stage I worked as an accounts assistant/junior accountant and passed exams one after the other. Before I knew it I had completed my ACCA exams, became a Fellow of the ICB and also got promoted at my job at Celerity to Finance Manager.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story to becoming the ICB Employed Bookkeeper of the Year.

Adeolu Omosanya FICB