First and foremost is our commitment to YOUtake a look at what we include with our courses and compare to what you get from other providers before settling for cheap courses dressed up with false claims and promises. With Training Link nothing is hidden; No hidden Costs, No Gimmicks and No False Claims.

We’re proud to say that the quality of our academic offering is unrivalled; we offer more material and utilities per course than any college or training providers, so if you are serious about your future and want the best possible chance of success along with the best value, spend a little time shopping around, and if you can find a course package with any other of the course providers that includes the same materials, resources and support for the same price or less you can have the course along with all the extra value and utilities completely free of charge.

We are a multi-award winning training provider


We are extremely proud to have been Awarded ‘ICB Accredited Training Provider of the Yearfor an Unprecedented Six Consecutive years covering 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
Additionally, two of our expert tutors hold the accolade of ‘ICB Tutor of the Year’ and we’re also extremely proud that we have had THREE students win ‘student of the year’ and no less than twelve students shortlisted for ‘student of the year’ since the award’s inception; our commitment is your success.
One of our biggest success stories is that of one of our students winning the highly prized ‘Best New Practice of the Year’ after completing her courses with us and then going on to open and run a thriving bookkeeping practice.

We have a number of students that are now running their own bookkeeping practice, further strengthening our belief that what we do works. See our “Spotlight” page to read their stories.

To be truly effective in financial management, you cannot be complacent; the nature of the industry means that bookkeeping and accountancy is constantly evolving. Because of this we are dedicated to ensuring that our offering is up-to-date, valid and relevant to the industry. We constantly review and update our materials, ensuring that whenever you start your journey with us, you have the right materials and resources at the right time. commitment

To assist our students throughout their studies, we have our own Enhanced Learning Resource centre. The ELR is an on-line portal giving you access to all of your course assessments along with a number of additional resources.
Via your profile you have access to a full colour e-book of your course, help documents, worked examples, additional practice tests as well as your own personal record of all previously taken assessments.
One fantastic added benefit to you is that the I.C.B. hosts their remotely accessed final exams on the same platform. This means that before you take any exams, you will already have plenty of experience of how it works.

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