How To Get AAT Qualified In Eleven Months

How To Get AAT Qualified In Eleven Months

George passed all three AAT levels in record time. Now he’s working for a successful accounting practice in London. But a year ago he had zero experience in accounting.

How did he do it?

What is the secret? And why is it impossible to do at a traditional college?

Before I answer that, it’s worth me telling you a little more about George Tampakas.

George was studying automation engineering in his home city of Athens but his heart just wasn’t in it. He was an estate agent for a few years in a tough housing market at the height of the Greek recession. He even worked as a DJ.

But in 2019 he wanted to shake things up. He wanted a new life and the promise of a better career. So he packed his bags and flew to London for a fresh start.

George Tampakas passed levels 2,3,4 in 11 months with us
George with all four AAT certificates

No accounting experience? No problem

After researching Universities with an idea to study Economics, George stumbled upon AAT. And the career prospects he could have with these employer-recognised qualifications on his CV made it a no-brainer.

“I didn’t have to think more. That was for me.”

Buzzing with energy, George couldn’t wait to get stuck into his studies:

“my motivation and determination were so high that I wanted to learn more and more and progress.”

So, how did he gain all three qualifications in less than a year?

He studied online with Training Link.

Fast-track studies are impossible at a traditional college

Can you study AAT levels 2, 3, and 4 at a college in one year?

No. And to be honest, even if you could I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a tough challenge and can only be accomplished by a huge amount of hard work. But as George’s success shows, it is possible.

Just not at an old-fashioned college. And for one simple reason…

At a college you fit your studies in with their schedule. One level, per year. You’re forced onto a conveyor belt which slowly moves all learners along at the Exact. Same. Pace.

But people aren’t like that. You aren’t like that.

We’ve ripped up the college conveyor belt

When you study online with us, you dictate the pace of progression. You fit your studies in with your life. This flexibility is what has made George’s rapid progress possible.

As George said: “without having to attend classes I have a more flexible program. This enabled me to study and work at the same time.”

Need to fast-track your studies?

– You can.

Prefer to study only at weekends?

– That’s fine.

Can’t stick to the same scheduled days?

– This works too.

It’s completely flexible. And as shown by the thousands of Training Link students over 26 years, there is no trade-off with educational quality. In fact, as we’ll show, it’s quite the opposite…

How to pick your AAT training provider

Studying online, or by ‘distance learning’, is not new. The odds are that you’ll already have spoken to a few others and you may be finding it hard to choose.

What should you be looking for?

Think about what you want to achieve. Where do you want to be in six months? If you’re like most people, you want to be enjoying your new job with one eye already on that next rung of the career ladder. To do that you need to pass your AAT exams.

That means you should be looking at the one statistic that counts: pass rates.

We can talk about our unique course books, extra resources, and additional tests. These all give you the best chances to study successfully and learn the subject inside and out. And I’m more than happy to wax lyrical about the level of support you’ll get from our team of award-winning tutors.

But let’s keep things simple.

You want a career in accounting. To do that you need to gain an AAT qualification, so let’s take a look at our AAT exam pass rates:

  • 93.2% pass rate for AAT Level 2 Accounting (14.6% higher than the worldwide average)
  • 92.3% for AAT Level 3 Accounting (25% higher than the worldwide average)
  • 91% for AAT Level 4 Accounting (39.5% higher than the worldwide average)

It’s no wonder George enrolled with us.

One last word from George…

“Can you imagine that?

One year ago, I was a disc jockey in Greece without any studies. And eleven months later, without even English being my native language, I work as an accountant in London having almost finished the AAT and having moved forward to the ACCA!”

Ready to get started? Enrol now.

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