Exceptional pass rates for AAT and ICB

Exceptional pass rates for AAT and ICB

It’s the question you should ask any distance learning provider, ‘what are your pass rates?’

AAT Approved, ICB award winner, and Feefo Platinum Trusted Award

How do you know which distance learning provider to choose?

Providers may look similar, particularly if you are comparing bullet points under a heading which reads: ‘What’s Included?’

But ‘what’s included?’ is the wrong question.

The ultimate goal is to get the job you want, move up the career ladder, or some may want to start a bookkeeping practice. And so there’s a much better question you need to ask:

“What are your pass rates?”

This question trumps any argument about features, freebies, and gimmicks. Because the answer is about results – real people, achieving their qualifications and boosting their careers.

For some providers, it can be the elephant in the room – as more and more features are piled high to distract you from asking the right question.

So, when you’re comparing providers, ask each one:

“What are your pass rates?”

And just as vital ask: “How many assessments were taken?”

Training Link AAT Pass Rates

Here’s how we compare with the AAT’s worldwide average pass rates for 2022:

Course Level Worldwide Average Training Link +/- worldwide average Assessment Numbers
AAT Level 2 Accounting 81.3% 93.2%  +14.6% 1231
AAT Level 3 Accounting 73.8% 92.3%  +25% 744
AAT Level 4 Accounting 65.2% 91%  +39.5% 167

*Please note that the information in the above table refers to the pass rates based on computer-based assessments (CBAs) only; these are not achievement rates for the overall qualification. The pass rates shown are the rates for all CBAs completed between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022 and on the AQ2016 standards.

Training Link’s ICB Pass Rates

Course Level Training Link Assessment Numbers
ICB Level 2 Bookkeeping 92% 486
ICB Level 3 Bookkeeping 90% 452
ICB Level 3 Payroll 79% 171
ICB Level 4 Units 66% 96

The pass rates shown are for all ICB assessments completed between 1 Jan 2022 and 31 December 2022.

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