As a student learning from home, this has many benefits, but one of the drawbacks is the occasional feeling of isolation and the inability to bounce your thoughts off like-minded people; this often occurs within a classroom environment, so how do we as distance learning providers emulate that?

Last year we launched “Student Street”! This is a Facebook community page that only invited members can join. We set this group up so that current and past students have a “hub” where they can meet and engage in conversation with like minded people. As of May 2018 we have over 600 members and this continues to grow rapidly.

As the page develops and becomes more and more populated, it becomes more than just a place to meet up with new friends; it is also a very good resource library. With this in mind, you might think that searching for what you need would be a challenge, but not with Student Street! When you log in to the home page, there is a search bar that you can make full use of. This is an extremely useful tool when you want to look for a particular topic or area of study.

From time to time we have Q&A sessions with guests from awarding bodies and software vendors such as Sage, along with some of our students who have gone on to achieve great things in Bookkeeping and Accounts.

“There is no better feeling than that of having helped another”

All newly enrolled students will automatically receive an invitation to join, but if you aren’t a member yet and you’re interested in joining, simply drop us an e-mail at “” with a few details of yourself and our administration team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you could go directly to the Facebook page and click “Ask to Join”.