Caplin Bookkeeping

“My background is in Corporate Banking, having spent 19 years working across a variety of roles for two major UK Banks.  Over a number of years I have had some ill health, but I continued to work throughout various treatments and operations. Last year the opportunity came up for me to take voluntary redundancy; having planned a career break to take some time out and enjoy life, I opted to take it…”


Birchfield Bookkeeping

Stefan Shell – Birchfield Bookkeeping

“It’s fair to say that the words “Life’s a journey, not a destination” apply quite firmly to my life so far.
Coming out of University with a degree in Environmental Biology, I had grand plans to spend my life wandering the outdoors in the environmental sector. But life has a way of catching you unawares and showing you alternate futures, and so after meeting and marrying my wife, I settled into family life…”



self-employed bookkeeper Claire Adams, student successself-employed bookkeeper Claire Adams, student success

Claire Adams MICB PM.Dip – Paper Trail Bookkeeping

“I started looking into becoming a bookkeeper in 1997 when my husband started his first business, he is an electrician and as such I had to learn not only basic bookkeeping but also things like CIS and how to manage the various tasks involved, so I started training through Training Link…”



Carol Shipley – C.L. Shipley Bookkeeping Services

“With a grandfather who was an accountant, and a father who trained in accountancy and ran a successful business it is no wonder that I was interested in figures. Had I been a less headstrong teenager I would probably have trained to be an accountant, but I went a different route missing out college years and ended up in sales and marketing…”