How Alex completed her AAT studies online

Living in rural Ireland, Alex needed to make a big decision

She didn’t let ANYTHING get in the way of her achieving her goals.

After completing her university studies in Textile Design, Alex spent the last ten years or so working as an illustrator and artist. After the pandemic, she wanted to do something in addition to her artwork because, although she loves being an artist, the projects can be sporadic.

She has worked in various part-time administrative jobs to support her artwork throughout the years and has always enjoyed them.

“Being an artist, you need to have an open mind; looking at everything subjectively. That being said, I have always had a very logical brain.”

Play to your Strengths

“The job I enjoyed the most involved some basic bookkeeping as this really tapped into the logical side of my brain. I seemed to draw some comfort in knowing that there was either a correct or incorrect answer – the numbers either added up or they didn’t.”

This was so different from her art world, where everything is subjective and based on personal opinion and preference.

How the pandemic changed everything

At the outset of the pandemic, Alex and her partner had to leave London and relocate to rural Ireland. Due to the economic climate, she found her illustration jobs declining, and living in such an isolated location meant that administration work was very hard to find.

“My confidence took a real knock at this point, and I realised that I wanted to change careers and do something for myself.”

After taking stock, Alex intended to study to become a bookkeeper, but because she lives in such a rural area, she needed to find a platform that enabled remote learning.

Help and support when you need it

After carrying out some investigation Alex came across Training Link and decided to study online with them. She completed all of her learning for the AAT Level 2 bookkeeping certificate online.

“My tutor was always available by e-mail, and if I had any concerns about the topic or needed assistance figuring out something, he was always fast to react and was extremely helpful.”

Distance no object…

“I had to drive more than three hours to each of my exams, but it was well worth it because I ended up achieving a distinction for Level 2.”

As a result of this qualification, Alex has also managed to land a new job as a Finance Assistant.

“I am so happy I decided to sign up for this course, and I feel like this new career path really suits me (and the regular revenue that comes with it!)

I am still illustrating, but now it’s for fun, and my work life balance is where it should be.

What’s next for Alex…

“I am hoping to study for my next level in the coming year to enable me to keep moving forward on this path.”

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