Husein Lakha

Husein Lakha

Husein Lakha is studying with ICB’s Large Training Provider of the Year, Training Link.

ICB award winner and Feefo Platinum Award winner

Husein has so far passed all his exams with flying colours, with his lowest result being 94%. The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers recently spoke with him to get an idea of how he achieves such excellent grades and what he is planning to do after becoming a fully qualified ICB Bookkeeper.

What made you want to become a bookkeeper?

“I was using Sage software and performing duties of a bookkeeper via the hands-on experience approach, but I did not have a structured outlook. ICB’s qualifications were the perfect opportunity to be trained and gain an in-depth insight and appreciation of the bookkeeping concepts.”

What made you choose Training Link as your Accredited Training Provider? How have you found their services?

“Through the ICB website I reviewed the various options being offered and felt that Training Link would provide the flexibility coupled with tutorship as I felt I needed to have access to ask the how and why if needed. Training Link has provided an excellent service and I attribute my good results purely to their extremely user-friendly course material and ever so polite and professional tutors. The sequence in which the course is laid out is simply exquisite.”

What is your most effective revision method?

“The timely completion of tasks and assignments was so helpful and beyond any doubt, the mock papers of both the provider and of ICB would be the best indicators of how much I had truly grasped and whether I needed to refer to the course material.”

What are you planning to do after you have passed all your exams?

“The prospect of opening my own practice is very stimulating but I will keep an open mind for the time being as I am also thoroughly enjoying my current employment.”

Is there any advice you would give other students to keep them motivated?

“Enjoy the course and each stage automatically inspires you to the next and before you know it the awesome sense of pride for being awarded the prestigious ICB qualification is truly a gratifying experience.”

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Perfect if you want to work as a self-employed bookkeeper. When you pass the exams you can apply for your ICB Practice Licence.

  • ICB Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping
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  • ICB Level 3 Diploma in Payroll Management
  • ICB Level 4 Self-Assessment Tax Returns

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