Jake Richardson

16 year old Jake Richardson completed his Level 2 ICB studies in 2018 with Training Link, earning a Distinction with Honours (98%, 97% and 100% for B1, B2 and B3 respectively).

We were very impressed by Jake’s commitment to his course, so we decided to get in touch to ask him a few questions about his learning journey.

What are you doing currently?

“I’m a technical support agent apprentice, working for a company called Softext, who are a training and software provider. As part of my apprenticeship I provide support for Act CRM software and I’m also learning what it takes to offer support on the Sage products.”

Why did you decide to study a bookkeeping course?

“I found out that a lot of bookkeepers use the software that we provide, so I wanted to learn the roots of bookkeeping to enable me to relate to our customers on a more technical level. The next level support for me would be to offer processing support, and this can only be done if you know the ins and outs of the software.”

What revision method works best for you?

“I always completed a mock exam before each of my assessed exams. For B1 and B2 I went back over each assessment before completing my exam. This kept things fresh in my mind and was also a confidence booster because I knew my knowledge was good before sitting the exam.”

Do you intend to go on and work toward Associate status?

“It isn’t something I’ve given much thought to at the moment, because I have a lot of college work still to complete for my apprenticeship, as well as my on-site learning at Softext. It’s probably something I’ll consider more long-term, once I’ve completed my apprenticeship.”

What was your source of motivation?

“Knowing that in the future I will be able to use my new found knowledge to offer full Sage software support, and understand my customers’ needs better. I want to learn as much as I can to make sure I’m able to earn a good living in the future.”

What advice would you give to other students?

“Find a method that works well for you. Set yourself a goal and plan out how you’re going to do it. Follow the plan as best you can and you will achieve your goal. If you do set yourself deadlines, make sure they’re achievable, because if they’re not, you might end up rushing through your work.”

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