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“As a busy mum who hadn’t studied for over 30 years I knew I wanted to study at home so needed a good training provider that could offer me support as I went along.”

“I always loved numbers right from being at school, I even convinced my maths teacher to run GCSE Accountancy just for me and a few others!

Personal circumstances meant that I left school at 16, I couldn’t find a job in finance so I went to work in a local factory and always hoped to move into finance one day.

Sally Allsop

Eventually I got a job working in the purchasing department of a computer consumables company and whilst it wasn’t what I really wanted the experience has proved invaluable throughout my career because it gave me an understanding of buying, stock control, and purchase ledger. After a few years I moved on to work in an accounts department where I used my experience of purchase ledger and learnt sales ledger procedures. After a few years I took some time out to try other things so I worked in my aunts public house, and trained up to be assistant manager of a betting shop, both jobs gave me further experience in the finance field and taught me about stock movement, cashflow, cash handling and staff management. In 2002 I had my daughter, when she was one I decided to look for office based work again and started working evenings doing the accounts and admin at small local firm, over the next 15 years the company grew and so did my role, eventually I was finance manager and oversaw all accounts, administration, buying, stock control, payroll, HR and operations. I enjoyed the variety of the role and the responsibility but after some changes within the business I decided that it was time to move on, so I left.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do next but eventually took a part time job as an accounts manager and it was this role that helped me see what I could offer people. In my finance manager role I wore many hats so was busy all day every day, however in my part-time role it became obvious that that there were definite peaks and troughs to the workload, some days were crazy busy, other days I had very little to do and all these were dictated by the calendar…..month end, payday, VAT return date, yearend so I thought why should a company pay for someone to be there 20 hours a week when the job could be done in 40 hours a month? If I set up on my own doing all the services a company needed, I could save them money.

“the whole team is first class so I have no hesitation in continuing my studies”

I started looking how I could set up my own business and as a busy mum who hadn’t studied for over 30 years I knew I wanted to study at home so needed a good training provider that could offer me support as I went along. After a call to Gill at Training Link I knew that they were the company for me and more importantly she made me see that Bookkeeping was the best route to achieve my aims. In March 2019 I signed up to do ICB Level 2 and 3 Bookkeeping as a package and on the 4th July 2019 I took the last of my 8 exams, I passed them all with distinction and achieved 99% overall for ICB Level 2 and 98% overall for ICB Level 3, I was thrilled. Whilst I was waiting the 28 days for my A3 result in May I did the ICB Level 3 Diploma in Payroll Management, including Sage 50 payroll professional beginner and intermediate certificates, and achieved 99%! Throughout it all Angie and Bev were brilliant, encouraging me and helping out with queries, and Sandra was always on the ball sorting out textbooks and booking exams, the whole team is first class so I have no hesitation in continuing my studies, doing Level 3 Self-Assessment Tax Returns and then Level 4 Bookkeeping as soon as the new course is released.

Started Bookkeeping Practice only 5 months after enrolment…

In July I applied for my practice licence and am now the proud owner of Allsop Bookkeeping & Payroll Services Ltd offering everything a small company needs. I can’t believe it’s only 5 months since my phone call to Gill, it’s all a bit crazy and I’m busier than ever, studying, meeting new clients, and trying to grow my client base. I’m also fortunate enough to be working part time in a practice learning something new every day. Although I wished I’d done this years ago I also realise that my 28 years’ experience is something that money can’t buy and the variety of businesses that I’ve worked for will help me have a better understanding of what my client has and needs. I hope that my experience coupled with my fantastic exam results, thanks to Training Link, will show that I have the ability and knowledge to do a good job and clients will feel confident in the services I provide. One day I hope to have my own premises on the High Street and who knows, if I can achieve all I have done in the last five months watch this space!”

You can see more about my business on my website, or if you’re thinking of joining Training Link and want a chat with someone who’s been there call me on 07855 037317.

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