Tina’s Journey Through Education and Entrepreneurship

Charting Success: A Mother's Journey Through Education and Entrepreneurship

This is a celebration of the indomitable spirit of a woman who, against all odds, charted a course to success.

ICB award winner and Feefo Platinum Award winner

Practicing ICB bookkeeper, Tina Marshall shares how she achieved her ICB qualifications with Training Link

In the vast ocean of life, where waves of challenges and opportunities collide, one mother embarked on a voyage to redefine her destiny.

This is a tale of resilience, ambition, and the unwavering spirit of a woman who dared to dream of a career in bookkeeping while juggling the roles of a mother, an educator, and an entrepreneur.

Setting Sail on a New Career Path

Life at sea is unpredictable, much like the journey of our protagonist, who found herself at a crossroads. With a husband working offshore and two young children to educate at home, she yearned for a career that could harmonise with her family life. The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) beaconed, offering her the freedom to study and build a business in her own time. It was a lifeline that promised growth without compromising her family’s needs.

As she charted her course with ICB, she opted for the Ultimate Bundle Plus Sage via Training Link. This comprehensive course package was not merely a choice but a strategic decision to offer end-to-end services to her clients, from inception to year-end. It was a path that empowered her, ensuring a smooth sail for her burgeoning enterprise.

Navigating Through Unforeseen Storms

The journey commenced with clear skies in February 2020, but soon, a tempest named ‘lockdown’ loomed on the horizon. Her children returned to home education, and her daily study routine capsized. The tides of life demanded a new balance, and she responded by setting a goal to study at least seven hours a week. This resolve bore fruit as she passed all ICB Level 2 exams and Sage with a remarkable 90% Merit within three months.

Her next target was the Distinction in Level 3 by Christmas, a beacon that guided her through another lockdown, a surprise pregnancy, and the demands of her husband’s new business. Though her timeline shifted, her commitment did not waver. She adapted to the changing currents and passed her exams, all while embracing the joys and challenges of motherhood once again.

Anchoring in Achievement

The recognition of her skills came in an unexpected form—a local accountancy firm’s offer. They saw her potential but underestimated her resolve. Their suggestion to abandon her ICB journey for AAT studies was quickly declined. She stood firm, rooted in her vision, and soon, they returned with an offer of clients, acknowledging her expertise as a bookkeeper.

Her academic conquests continued with the Self-Assessment Tax Returns course, the Payroll Management Diploma (Distinction), and Drafting Financial Statements. Her sights are now set on Corporation Tax and Business Insights, with the goal to complete her studies by the end of 2024.

In November 2021, she achieved another milestone by obtaining her Practice Licence and TRM Accounting was born.

This narrative is more than a chronicle of academic achievements; it is a testament to a mother’s strength and determination. She navigated through a global pandemic, home-educated her children, and welcomed a new life into her family—all while pursuing the career of her dreams. Her success story is not hers alone; it is also a tribute to the support from her tutors at Training Link and the ICB student group. They stood together, a fleet united against the odds, proving that with determination and support, any storm can be weathered, and any dream can be realised.

I feel like I am a great example of why you should not wait to become an ICB Bookkeeper. You never know what life will throw at you but with determination, realistic goals and support, its 100% achievable.

This article is a celebration of the indomitable spirit of a woman who, against all odds, charted a course to success. It serves as an inspiration to all who seek to balance the demands of family, education, and career aspirations. Her journey reminds us that with determination, support, and a clear vision, we can navigate through life’s storms and emerge victorious. 

You can connect with Tina via her social media platforms

LinkedIn: – https://www.linkedin.com/in/tina-marshall-micb/
Instagram: – @trm_accounting

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