Success is only a few clicks away…In the words of HRH Prince Michael of Kent “Sound financial management is the crucial factor, not only in the survival of new businesses but for making business more efficient, and sound financial management starts with effective bookkeeping…

With around 5.4 Million registered businesses in the UK and only around 4,000 registered Bookkeepers, new legislation due to be released in 2018 will increase the workload of Bookkeepers and Accountants by around 40% meaning the demand for trained bookkeepers and accountants will most likely swell way beyond availability; now has never been a better time to look toward a rewarding career in financial management, bookkeeping or accountancy.

For the SEVENTH year running Training Link are the proud winners of the I.C.B. ‘Large Training Provider of the Year’ award, once again having the best track record for students completing courses, passing exams and upgrading their membership.

Large training provider of the year
success, ICB Training Provider
tutor of the year
success, ICB Training Provider
Tutor of the Year Bev Roberts

Whilst recognising our achievements, we never settle for being the best; by continually developing to improve the quality and standards of our provision, we ensure that whenever you decide to begin your learning journey with us, the materials we provide are up-to-date and relevant. Whether you’re looking to start your own Bookkeeping Practice or find employment, we have a range of courses that are tailored to fit your own individual requirements.

Take Control

With Training Link you are free to learn at your own pace, whilst keeping track of your end goal. As you progress through your course you will learn new skills, build upon your knowledge, become more confident in your chosen pathway and have the reassurance that a fully qualified, award winning tutor is only a phone call or e-mail away at any stage of your learning journey.
Take control of your life and achieve the qualification that you deserve.

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How You Learn

Whilst we recognise that course books and tutor contact details are important, we offer so much more. We only create and use the most up-to-date and effective study materials, delivered by high quality, easy to follow printed and bound workbooks for every unit. These are also available on-line in our Enhanced Learning Resource centre (ELR), along with a range of help documents, worked examples and additional self-tests.

Belief in the Product

We’re so proud of our achievements and products (we only use the most up-to-date, genuine software packages for our courses; not Sage Essentials or Sage One), we offer full transparency on all reviews submitted by our students past and present. Please take some time to view the many success stories and reviews submitted on “Review Centre” and “Trustpilot”.

Year after year we consistently help thousands of students (and clients) gain the latest skills, knowledge and qualifications smoothly and quickly whilst still maintaining their busy lifestyles.

Furthermore, as a student enrolling on one of our course packages, you will be entitled to apply for additional benefits.

Our student pass rates and completions are better than any College or Training Provider in the UK.

Recognise Academic Achievement

When embarking on a bookkeeping or accountancy course, it is important not to underestimate the strength of the qualification that you are working toward. Depending on the pathway that you choose, once qualified, you will have a nationally recognised qualification enabling you to embark upon the career that you are striving for. Not only that, but you’ll also become part of a professional group or organisation, strengthening your networking (and earnings) potential and increasing your chance of success.