Who are AAT?

Who are AAT?

AAT Qualifications – About Bookkeeping and Accounts – As a Business or Profession

Are you interested in a career in accountancy? An AAT qualification could be the perfect choice.

Whether you’re already in an accounting role and you’re looking to upskill, or you have a passion for the industry but don’t have any previous experience or qualifications, an AAT qualification could be the perfect way to boost your career.

Who are AAT?

AAT stands for the Association of Accounting Technicians; one of the world’s leading professional bodies for accounting technicians. At the time of writing there were 4,250 licenced AAT accountants providing various services to more than 400,000 British businesses.

They currently have over 150,000 members worldwide with over 80,000 people studying for an AAT qualification every year.

What are the different levels?

Here is a quick overview of the different AAT Accounting qualifications that we offer:

AAT Level 2 – The Foundation Certificate in Accounting.
At this level, we introduce you to the double entry bookkeeping system, the different types of accounts, how to identify errors in the accounts and make corrections, plus much more. There are no prerequisites for the AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate course, although a good understanding of the English language is essential.

AAT Level 3 – The Advanced Diploma in Accounting.
Level 3 builds on the theory from level 2, but places more of a focus on specific accounting tasks, including how to prepare financial accounts (statement of profit and loss and statement of financial position) for sole traders and partnerships. You will also learn about VAT thresholds, when to register for VAT, how to complete a VAT return and more.

AAT Level 4 – The Professional Diploma in Accounting.
This is the final and most advanced stage of AAT. The AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting covers higher level accounting tasks, including drafting financial statements, managing budgets and evaluating financial performance. You’ll also have the opportunity to specialise in areas from tax to auditing and credit control.

What are the benefits of holding an AAT qualification?

AAT qualifications are globally recognised, and are greatly respected within the financial industry. You only need to look at the Accountancy job vacancies to see how desirable an AAT qualification is. Mapped to the AAT syllabus, our courses are designed to give our students all the practical skills they need for a fulfilling career in finance.

As a specialist distance learning training provider, our AAT Accounting courses can be studied anywhere, at any time regardless of age, experience or previous qualifications. In short, our courses are the perfect choice for anyone seriously considering a career in the accounting sector.

How much can I earn once I am AAT qualified?

There are many variables in answering this question. Much will depend on the job role, the employer, the location and the level to which you are applying. As a rough guide, once you are fully qualified to Level 2, you could apply for entry level positions as a sales ledger clerk, accounts assistant or data entry clerk to name just a few, earning somewhere in the region of £20,000 as a starting point.

Progressing through level 3 and beyond will allow you to take further steps in your accounting career, further cementing your position within the industry. This could ultimately see you move on to higher level positions such as credit controller, finance/tax assistant, sales ledger supervisor or accounts manager.

For these positions your salary would be higher, but salaries can also be “commensurate with experience”. All this really means is that the more experience you have, the better the chance of a more favourable salary scale.

What methods are there to gain an AAT qualification?

All AAT qualifications offer fully flexible and varied options when it comes to methods of study.
You can either choose to take them full-time or part-time, and online from your own home. In short, you are in full control of your learning style!
Training Link is a distance learning specialist – meaning you can study wherever and whenever you want.

How long will it take to get AAT qualified?

How long would you like it to take? We have some students who take up to 15 months to complete their level 2 studies, whereas some have completed levels 2 and 3 in as little as 6 months.

We give you up to 15 months for Level 2, up to 18 months for Level 3 and up to 36 months for Level 4. That’s not to say you have to take that long, but we like to give you the freedom to take your time if required.

What are the advantages of becoming AAT qualified?

Some of the many advantages of holding a fully accredited AAT qualification include:

  • A Nationally and internationally recognised qualification
  • A clear path for career development and progression
  • Many employers consider AAT qualifications as an essential element of the recruitment process; expect to be in high demand!
  • You will have greater confidence in your own skills and abilities

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