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The ICB believe that sound financial management can have a profound effect on society at a personal, professional and global level. They are passionate about empowering students of all ages and backgrounds to learn new skills, find fulfilling employment or set up their own businesses.  By creating a pool of highly qualified bookkeeping talent, the Institute endeavour to help business owners take control of their finances at the right cost and, in turn, support the economy as a whole.

Other benefits of membership are:

  • Membership certificate sealed by the Institute
  • Membership card
  • Access to the ‘members only’ section on the Institute’s web site
  • Notification of Bookkeeping Job Vacancies in your area
  • Free Technical advice line covering all aspects of bookkeeping
  • Free legal advice line for business and personal usage
  • Free access to technical and legal downloads
  • Free updates on changes to legislation which might affect bookkeeping
  • Free advice and guidance on setting up a private practice (Self Employed)
  • Free information on employment opportunities which arise
  • Regional meetings
  • CPD (continuing professional development) seminars
  • Access to ICB Plus – Exclusive offers on professional and everyday products and services

Much has changed in the way a business operates financially, with a variety of methods available for making/receiving payments. Added to that, the ever changing legislation and taxation that they have to deal with. Businesses have to adapt to new trading methods and legal standards in line with ever changing legislation and tax laws. If not, they risk facing heavy penalties and fines, or even worse, go out of business.
The ICB syllabus ensures that whether you wish to:

  • complete your own bookkeeping and accounts
  • or if you’re seeking employment in bookkeeping and accounts
  • or even if you’re planning to trade as a self-employed bookkeeper

you are fully prepared and will understand a range of topics in line with the latest occupational and industry standards.

ICB membership can be awarded based on qualifications from other accredited bookkeeping and accounting bodies, or based on relevant prior work experience and competence, without the need to take ICB assessments. If you would like more information on exemptions, please click here.

Sign up to one of our courses and gain access to our Online Enhanced Learning Resource, offering you e-books, extra lessons, tests and much more. Click the following image to watch our “Introduction to ROGO” video: –


Courses can be taken as individual modules or as complete packages. Packages are available at heavily discounted rates where you can save up to 60% on course fees.

Please note: Whilst not a requirement, throughout your learning journey we always recommend that you take the ICB mock exams prior to taking the formal exams. These, plus any resits that need to be taken are at an additional cost.

Our flexible qualifications mean it’s easy to fit learning around your work, family, friends and leisure time. You can study full-time, part-time, from home, work or on the move. With our time saving utilities, there really is nothing holding you back. Our courses guide you through your training and onward toward what we hope will be a successful career.

You might very well be wondering if bookkeeping, or indeed home study is suitable for you. We know that for most of you this can be a big step. With this in mind we have an Introduction to Bookkeeping course available for just £35 (normal price £45). This course provides you with an affordable opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of bookkeeping. It will also give you an opportunity (should you wish to) to interact with a specialist home study tutor who will answer your questions and mark your assignments.

The whole process is exactly the same as you will find with all of our ICB courses. You will not only have an understanding of bookkeeping, but also be in a better position to decide if you wish to take your bookkeeping studies to a higher level. You can discuss this with your tutor or one of our course consultants. If you decide to take the plunge, we will deduct the £35 off your next purchase.

As a newly enrolled student, you will also have the opportunity to join our Facebook student community page ‘Student Street‘. Details will be e-mailed to you once you have been registered on our system.

Additionally, as an ICB student, you’ll gain FREE access to ICB’s award-winning membership benefits scheme, ICBenefits.

Still unsure? Why not request one of our no obligation free trials: